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Notifications page is missing


Notifications page is missing

In the older formats, I had a page/menu for each email that included whether or not I wanted to add notifications, such as a "You are receiving this because you have a relationship with (company or org), or because you opted in. Please add us to your contact list..." message, etc. It also included info on who should receive early reports, what email addresses had been approved as senders, and more. I can' t seem to find this any more. Any ideas? Thanks!

CTCT Employee

Re: Notifications page is missing

Hi @SueP000,


Thank you for your feedback regarding the Header Options in our Third Generation Editor (3GE). It is true that we have removed the permission reminder from the header options in 3GE. I've gone ahead and tracked your interest in reinstating that feature, and set up an email reminder as well.


The other features that you've mentioned are still available, but have moved to the Scheduling page. Once on the scheduling page, you'll be able to set up your Early Results email, as well as choose from and add new verified email addresses.

early results and verified addresses.png
Nate M
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