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PDF in body??

New Member

PDF in body??

I need to know how I can get a PDF newsletter included in the body of my email so that it appears in addition to my message--NOT as an attachment that the recipients can click on???

Participating Solution Provider

Re: PDF in body??

Off the top of my head I can only think of saving it as an image.   Make it a clickable link for people to download.  If I come up with another solution I will come back and post.   


Is it a one page PDF?



Ellen McDowell
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CTCT Employee

Re: PDF in body??

Hi @LeslieB071 


I understand you'd like to put the PDF in the body of your email. Unfortunately Ellen was correct. The best way to achieve something like this would be to put the PDF into a JPG format and insert it into the body of your email. If it's multiple pages your email will get long fast. I hope this helps out!

Melissa M
Community and Social Support Intern

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Honored Contributor

Re: PDF in body??

Of course you'll also need to scale it as most files are created to print and not view at the size of an email.

In my humble opinion you're using a format (PDF) that isn't intended to be squished into a 600 wide format.


I would suggest you use the PDF as the basis for your email design but not consider pasting it as a graphic, unless after the scaling its readable across most platforms.



Tony Schaefer
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Need help

How can I paste a pdf document into the body of a newsletter?
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Re: Need help

Hi Joan,

Great question! You can't copy the content of a PDF directly but there are a couple options. First, you can recreate the PDF file in a Constant Contact template as an email or you can insert the PDF file as a link into any email.


Hope this helps,

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Occasional Advisor


Good afternoon - Hopefully someone can help me -- how do i add an attachment to the email campaign?  I dont want to make the attachment an image and i dont want to have a hyperlink within the email campaign.  Is there a way to just send a pdf attachment along with the campaign?




New Member

Re: attachment

As far as I am aware, there isn't a way. I tried to do this last month, but couldn't find any solution. I think I also found a previous post that stated it wasn't possible. What I ended up doing was converting the pdf file to an image and posting it using my own html coding. Sadly, the quality of the image was far less impressive than my pdf file. I'm hoping they resolve this issue soon because I would love to send pdf files instead. If you find out a way, please let me know.
Occasional Advisor

Re: attachment

Yes i have done the converting a jpeg and find that it def does not have the best quality.  Thank you for your help! :smileyface:

CTCT Employee

Re: attachment

Hello @KayseD!


At this time we do not have a way to attach a file like you would in an email client. The best way would be to create an image of your PDF or include it as a link within your campaign using the document link function


If you're not getting the best quality out of your conversion try converting to a PNG file, it may increase the file size but it's a higher quality image. Another workaround you could try would be taking a screen shot of your PDF. I have found that this method usually keeps the quality intact as well. 


Let us know if you have any additional questions!



Amber Royal
Community & Social Media Support

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