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Permanently delete a document from library

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Permanently delete a document from library

I sent a campaign only to have one of my speakers contact me to remove the copy of his presentation that was included.  I deleted it from the library and replaced it with an alternative file.  I deleted the entire newsletter and resent it with the new file.


I spoke with someone at CC - apparently there is no way to recall a sent campaign or modify it after is has been sent?  When I go back to the original e-mail that was sent (in my own inbox), I can still access the original presentation file that I deleted. 


Is there any way to be sure that this is really gone, or does everyone that received the original campaign have a copy of the file in their cache?


Help... Thanks!

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Re: Permanently delete a document from library

Is it a link or an attachment?

I seem to recall that the Acrobat reader will download the entire document, therefore a copy will be on your recipient's PC or mobile device.


Adobe also supported a file method of "byte serving" but I'm sure CTCT isn't implementing that as it requires an HTTP connection not the mail protocols.


My educated guess is that a copy would be on your clients system if at one time they opened it. Deleting it from CTCT would not effect that and it seems your testing has confirmed that.




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Re: Permanently delete a document from library

Hello @RolandeT


Like @Clique_Marketing mentioned, if the file was downloaded onto someone's mobile or computer, then they will have the copy saved.  If there are contacts who have not downloaded the file, there are a couple of things that you can do.  You can either replace the file with another document so that the link still works, it just directs to another file, or you can choose to delete the file forever, which causes the link to show an error message.  


To replace the file, it needs to be within your library, and not the trash folder.  You can click to open the document details and click Replace file in the lower left hand corner.  If you are unsure of what to replace the file with, you can always create a document with some text like "We apologize for any inconvenience; however, this file has been removed." 


To delete the file forever you can delete the file, then go to the trash folder and check off the file again and choose to delete forever.