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Personal greetings (customized) for shared email address

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Personal greetings (customized) for shared email address

I hope someone sees this on a public forum. I don't know if I should call personally and explain. Dilemma: 1 single email address for a couple who share. For some emails, they should ONLY go to the 1 partner of the couple. For another list called say "Xmas Card greetings", I want them to both be included by personal greeting. Yet, for each piece of email, I would have to go and change their "name" so it would automatically post the personalized name in the email document. Do you understand what I am saying. The contact list is too large to find everyone's partner and physically add their names so they can be also included in the greeting for the particular campaign I want. Again, there is only 1 email the couple shares. Can this be fixed so spouses can be added on to the contact list and then have the option to include or not in big group mailings? Also, can spouses have their own account that shares the same address as their spouse? I don't think so. Thanks.
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Re: Personal greetings (customized) for shared email address

Hi Cheryl!


I am happy to help you out with your dilemma today. This is completely do-able within Constant Contact. What you'll have to do is have two different contact fields. So for example, say you have Mary Smith. Mary Smith can be in the account with the email Then, you can have a separate contact for John that is John Smith with the same email Mary can exist in List A, and so can John because our system reads them as separate contacts even though they share the same email address. That way each person can receive personalized emails. 

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