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If I am creating a new Email, how can I place two photots cropped side by side? I have read several of your other posts on how to do this, and they are not really working for me. If it is one image block, can you put two photos side by side? Also, when is your next seminar for learning the program better?


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Re: Pictures

Based on extensive experience playing that game,  its better if feesible  to put the two together in a graphics program and then upload them as a single graphic.


If they have to link to two different places this is obviously a problem.


Tony Schaefer
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Re: Pictures

UPDATED: July 2018


Thanks Tony!


If you are working in our 2GE templates, another option is to use our table feature and then insert an image into each table. While in our 3GE templates you can make columns following the steps listed here.


Hope that helps!