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Prepayment refund


Prepayment refund

I called support today to ask if our organization could get a refund if we closed the account for the prepayment amount - and I was told that the answer is no. That does not seem like a fair or reasonable policy, and it was certainly not made clear - or not made clearly enough - when we were renewing.  I understand if you have to remove the prepayment discount and thus the organization does not receive 100% of the money left, but to say that the organization is not able to get any of it back does not seem like a sensible business practice. Why should we have to pay for a service we no longer want to use if we close the account?

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CTCT Employee

Re: Prepayment refund

Hi @RebeccaM10,


I looked at your account and saw that you were able to speak with one of our Billing agents this morning about closing your account. I apologize if there was any confusion regarding pre-payments for your account. Here is an article that describes more about our pre-payment process and the procedures we have for it. If you have any further questions regarding this process, or the chargest associated with it, please call our Billing department who is best equipped to answer them. Here are their hours and numbers.


Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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