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Quick Tip: Make Your Own Dividing Blocks

CTCT Employee

Quick Tip: Make Your Own Dividing Blocks

UPDATED: July 2018


A little separation between the different parts of your newsletter or promotion can be a good thing. That’s why dividing blocks are often included as options for you to add into your template.

However, even if you can’t find a dividing block in your block options, you can create one of your own.


  1. Just add a simple block, like an image block.
  2. Edit it block by removing all images or text, or inserting an image of your own.
  3. Set the background color to the color you want your dividing block to be.

That’s it! If you are using a text block you can play with how wide or how thin the block is by hitting your return key while you are in the block, making a few blank lines. Make sure you use the Preview button though, to see how it looks!

Jaime McCall
Knowledge Base Writer
Constant Contact
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