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Re: White Lines shown in table


Re: White Lines shown in table

I'm experiencing sort of the same issue. My image fills the entire table cell yet the background color still shows in a hairline around the border. Did you figure out how to solve your issue, which sounds very similar? I've tried nesting tables and while that works with other sending clients, it doesn't solve the problem inside Constant Contact. I'd change the background color to white for the cell containing the image, but then it leaves a white line between that table row and the next just below it. (My table background color has to be blue in the next row just below the image.)

CTCT Employee

Re: White Lines shown in table

Hi @HC_Det!


I'm so sorry you are still seeing a border around that image! I took a look into it, and I was able to remove that border by deleting out any border style (basically using this line of code: <table width="700" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px;" > ) for the outer table. There is a Support Copy of the email in your account. You can use that one, or go back to your original and add in that little tweak of the code. If you have any further questions, feel free to let us know!



Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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