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Recently Uploaded Contact Issue

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Recently Uploaded Contact Issue

- I manually input a contact today... Yet when I searched for her full name, she would not show up. "0 Contacts Found"

- Yet when I searched just her first name, she was the first to show up - see attached file - no mispellings 


Also, there are a lot of times when I "Advance Search" and the number of contacts that come up in my search, are somehow different than the number of those same contact that I add to a new email list. It's troublesome because I know emails that are coming up in my search are somehow not making it into their directed email list. 


Re: Recently Uploaded Contact Issue

HI @FireWine

Thanks for posting. I removed your image for the privacy of the email addresses shown but thanks for including it.


I took a closer look at the contact in question and here's what I found.


The contact was listed as "Melissa" but with a character included after the "a". This can happen in excel if you hide cells or characters or even if you've imported the data from another source. It looks like the character was imported with the first name so when you typed Melissa it was able to find her but as soon as you added the last name it looked as if you hadn't finished typing the first name.


For example:

Melissa* Stevenson

Searching "Melissa" would show her but searching "Melissa S" would not.


I just deleted and re-typed the first name in the contact field to fix this. This isn't very common but if you see it happening with other contacts please let us know where you import from or how contacts are added to the account.



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Re: Recently Uploaded Contact Issue

Thanks Hannah! That solves that!