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Reporting slow/not working

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Reporting slow/not working

Reporting STILL not working. Can click on Quick Status Reports and get a PDF but those are lacking in useful detail. I need to have registrant - items ordered - total due - total paid so I can have the list ready for check in at the event in the morning but reports just keep saying Pending and the wheel keeps spinning. I continue to have this issue - are others also having this issue? I have logged out and back in, I have restarted my browser including clearing my history/cache, and restarted my computer. I can't even find a link to say cancel on the report and un-confuse the poor little site. This is extremely frustrating, and of course their call centers are all closed.

Re: Reporting slow/not working

Hi @BAPignic

Thanks for posting, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble. Can you verify--is this a custom report? What is the name of the Event you are working on so I can take a closer look?


If possible, please try testing this process in another browser. I'm not sure of the browser you are currently working in but testing another can help narrow down this problem.


Thank you,

Hannah M.
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