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Sample "Reminder Email" Needed

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Sample "Reminder Email" Needed

Hi All:

We have been using CC for over a year now and would like to send a email to all our contacts reminding them that they have signed to receive our information.  Recently we have been getting a number of people reporting us as spam and it seem to be causing a problem.  Any samples out there someone is willing to share?

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Reminder Emails

I am wanting to set up a quarterly email to all our contacts across all our lists to remind them that they are subscribed, give unsubcribe info, but to also give some introductions to other lists that are available in case they might be interested.  Is there a way to include in the body the lists that they are currently subcribed to?

I invision having a list of newsletters they currently get, ones that are available that they are not getting, all with a checkbox to subscribe or unsubcribe.

Is this possible?

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Re: Sample "Reminder Email" Needed

Hey Glen,


Here is a sample that I send out to the auto community site I manage for a client.  I designed it to contain the branding of the site yet be short enough for folks to read. I utilize the custom fields to personalize it too.  I send it out every 6 months  to keep the multiple lists up to date ( I collect information for the site sponsors too) and also use it to provide a gentle reminder that they have asked to be included.  Works great.    Hope this helps.



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Re: Sample "Reminder Email" Needed

Updated: October 2017

Hi Glen,


For both 2GE and 3GE users, you can always use a section of your email to remind people why they are getting your email and that they update preferences in the footer where it says “Update Profile”

Another option for you is to send a Confirmed Opt-In email to either all or a some of your contacts. When contacts receive the email, they will need to click the Confirmation link in the email to confirm interest. If a contact does not confirm their interest, they are taken off your list and no longer will receive your emails.


You are able to use the Permission Reminder in the header of your emails.  

You also can always create a survey and to have them update their preferences.  


For more info on Confirmed Opt In, check out this FAQ



I hope this helps,


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Re: Sample "Reminder Email" Needed

In the closing block of each of our emails we remind our customers how they got on our list.

An example in one client's email closing block reads:


You have received this email because you subscribed when you purchased one of our products, attended an event or joined our list through a social network or website. We are happy to talk with you each month, and we hope we can continue. In case you forgot how we met, or want to go away for a while, you are free to safely opt-out at any time, and opt-back in again if you change your mind. Feel free to contact us at (email address) or (phone number) if you need to speak to us personally.


Another client', who has a less formal business changes his closing regularly. The most recent one reads:


I can't tell you how thankful I am that you chose to be on my mailing list. Well, actually, I can, but I can't right now, cause I'm busy. Yup, you're probably busy too, and maybe even thinking you don't have time for me anymore. That would make me sad. It makes me happy that you read my mail each month. At least I think you do because you got this far to read this. But in case I'm beginning to bore you, or you forgot why you wanted to hear from me in the first place, I won't try to hold you back. You can feel free to opt-out , if you really (I mean really) want to. Please don't say I spammed you, cause honestly, we did meet and you did like me then. And, if you go, please don't stay gone too long.  My memory isn't as good as it once was, and I would hate to forget you. Um, wait. What was I doing?..........




Depending on your audience and the format of your email, you can always put a short or simple reminder in the closing block.


Wishing you awesome and continuing success,



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Personalization for Permission Reminder-Can you customize it for your own account?

Each time I create an email I always have to change the permission reminder.  Is there a setting or a specific way that would enable my account to have my own permission reminder placed in my emails without having to retype and fix the reminder each time?

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Re: Personalization for Permission Reminder-Can you customize it for your own account?



I think that's a great idea!


At this time, you cannot have a customized Permission Reminder saved for each new email you create. You would need to customize the Permission Reminder in the emails if you are not working from a copy.


I'll pass this feedback on to our developers to take into consideration.




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What is the Permission Reminder?

Sometimes, people don’t remember signing up for your mailing list. People are forgetful, and maybe it’s been a while since you collected their address and they haven’t heard from you. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to remind them right at the top of your campaign?


Well, there is!  It’s called the Permission Reminder, and it’s really easy to set up. In your email, scroll your mouse over the Header Options section, which has your subject line and from name, and click on the edit pencil.


That will bring up the Header Options overlay. Just check off the box next to Permission reminder.



It will give you the chance to edit the text of the Permission reminder, though we have provided some boilerplate text for you to work from. When you have it ready, click OK.



Now, you’ll see the permission reminder right at the top of the email. It also has an unsubscribe button right at the top. This is good, as it gives people a quick way to get off the list without reporting your email as spam.



The Permission Reminder is a good idea if you are mailing your list for the first time, or if it’s been a while, or if you only send out campaigns infrequently. And it allows you to put a message at the top before there are any images or styles that could make it tougher to find.


Do you use the Permission Reminder? We’d love to see examples that don’t use our prewritten text. You can post those below.




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What is the Permission Reminder, why should I use it and how do I enable it?

The permission reminder is not only a way to remind your contacts why they are receiving your email, but also can be used to get a contact to confirm they still want to receive your  emails. This is important because you want to try and prevent the customer from marking it as spam which can in turn hurt your identity as a legit email sender. ISPs such as AOL, COMCAST, YAHOO, OUTLOOK.COM, will look at your reputation and if there is a high number of SPAM complaints coming from you, then this could negatively affect your identity and in turn put your Constant Contact account in jeopardy.


Constant Contact also wants to confirm you are complying with the CAN-SPAM and CASL laws, and using the permission reminder is a great step in making sure you are following the rules. So if the permission reminder is this important, how do you enable it?


Great question! Follow these simple steps:


  1. Click anywhere in the header block (Usually first block in the email editor layout)
  2. Click on Header Options
  3. Check the box next to Permission Reminder
  4. You can either edit the text in the permission reminder or leave it as the default text. (If you do edit the text , keep it short & simple)
  5. Click OK

 Header Options.png



Now that the permission reminder is turned on, what does it look like to the person receiving the email? Here’s an example of what that person will see in the header of their email:

Permission Reminder 2.png


If someone were to click on the link to confirm their continued interest in receiving email from you, they would be taken to the following page:

 Thank you confirming.png


** Please note that when someone confirms their email address,  when you look at their contact details in your account, the date next to “Updated at” will reflect the date they clicked on the confirm link. Once that date updates in their record, you can export that report if needed.**


If someone clicks on the unsubscribe link they are taken to a confirmation page where they enter their email address and click  “Yes, unsubscribe”.


Permission reminders are only available in our older 2GE templates. To learn more about the CAN-SPAM & CASL laws please click on the following links: CAN-SPAM & CASL.



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