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Searching campaigns

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Re: Searching campaigns

Hey @Tonio51.


You're very welcome! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any other questions!


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Re: Searching campaigns

How do I search for campaigns beyond the default "last 500" emails sent?

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Re: Searching campaigns

Hi @HYG1400


That's a great question. I can understand how helpful it would be for the search under your Reporting tab to cover more than 500 emails at a time. I apologize at this time this feature is not available. This is however feedback I can submit in your account to the appropriate teams. One workaround I can suggest is creating folders on your Campaigns tab. Placing your email campaigns into folders can help you keep campaigns organized, making them easier to find. 

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Re: Searching campaigns

I could not agree more!  I have spoken with support reps and written on the discussion boards in the past. So have MANY others. Constant Contact knows this is a problem but they did not address it in the update. The new update is a step BACKWARD. It is now HARDER to find old emails. Since there is no key word search function, I name my campaigns with key words in the first few words (so I can visually spot what I need if I want to copy an older email).  Now we cannot even skip back a few pages; we need to SCROLL down.  This is archaic!


The standard reply from customer support is that campaigns can be filed in folders. This is impractical in our case and would still require a search feature because of the volume of mass emails we send. 


Every program has a "find" or "search" feature these days.  We should be able to search for key words in the titles of our campaigns---at a minimum.  I think CC should create a function that allows us to search the TEXT of prior campaigns.


Frustrated because I don't expect a new update any time soon and the most recent one makes my day so much harder...

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Re: Searching campaigns

Look at the positive side.

They did charge you more for the reduction in services.

Look elsewhere. . It's the only solution.
They no longer are providing what they did.

New company new strategy. . Removing existing functions is the insulting part and should not be rewarded.