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Send Error campaign

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Send Error campaign

Good afternoon,

Today, I have two campaigns created in a state of "Sent" but the mail did not reach any of the associated contacts list, I send test emails and also reached me, I have a problem with your service?

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Re: Send Error campaign

Hello Mark, 


I took a look at your account and I can see that the last two campaigns are showing as a Sent Status but have no opens.  It looks like for some of the emails they are going to the same domain.  I would suggest, if possible whitelisting Constant Contact to help the email get to the inbox.  You had also spoken with our chat support, and mentioned that if you used a different from email address the emails would be received by your contacts.  The email address you were using as the From email address when it was not delivered could be the issue.  You mentioned that it was a valid email address, but that email address could have been set up to only receive emails, only receive emails internally.  When we send the emails we are sending on behalf of the email address you choose, if it is hitting any internal controls set up for that email address it could be preventing the email from coming through.  


I also noticed that you have previously posted in our Developer Forums about API's.  If you are using an API to schedule the email please post in our developer forums, as they will be able to better assist you.  

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Re: Send Error campaign

I'm still with this problem for mailings and, configured as sender (From)
campaigns do not reach the inboxes customers but if their your Spam

Both directions were tested are not configured to receive only internal emails; was testing from external services


Help please

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Re: Send Error campaign

Hi Mark,


I'm sorry to hear that you are still having trouble receiving the emails to the domain Were you able to follow the instructions that Samantha shared above on how to whitelist our IP addresses so that you can receive our emails? We're showing that the emails are being sent and not bouncing back to us.  Or are you showing that they're going to the Spam folder? I'm not sure I understand your last post.


Let us know, we're happy to help.  For immediate assistance, you can reach our Phone Support at 1-866-289-2101 or 1-781-472-8100.


Thank you in advance!

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Trouble receiving emails

I'm not receiving the test version emails I've sent to myself, I've send it to different email services and haven't received none
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Re: Trouble receiving emails

Hi @DavidY174


I'm sorry you're having trouble sending yourself test emails. I understand the importance of sending yourself a test email before you send your email out. I would recommend whitelisting us as a safesender so that you receive test emails. To do this, I would recommend contacting your IT team to help you out with this. 

Shweta Iyer
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Delivery issue with my campaign to 28 emails

Can you confirm the email was delivered because it has a 0% open? If the email is not getting delivered can you modify it to get through? If not suggest other alternatives or will have to find another way to deliver this email. Thank you, Barbara
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Re: Delivery issue with my campaign to 28 emails

Hi @BarbaraL703

I took a look at your email and noticed the 26 people that didn't open the email are from the same domain. Although these didn't bounce it looks like there might be an issue delivering to this domain. Some companies block emails from external parties or only allow specific emails though. Are you in contact with anyone If so, it would be best to ask them to whitelist Constant Contact's sending IP addresses to allow email though. Some other options are you try sending a blank email or an email from your person Yahoo to one of these contacts to see if they are able to get the email at that point. 

Hannah M.
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My test emails are not sending

I have been sending test emails to various email addresses that I have for the past hour and none are sending
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