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Due to an issue with YouTube, inserting videos in your emails is showing an error. Until they are able to resolve this issue, we recommend using a different video hosting service. We will continue to monitor this outage and update you as we have more information.

Send Error campaign


Re: My test emails are not sending

HI @SandiJ2

I am sorry to hear this is happening. Can you check your junk or spam folder to make sure it's not there? If not, is it possible for you to try another email address and/or try sending a blank template to yourself to see if there is something being blocked in the content.



Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Re: My test emails are not sending

I am having the same issue. I have tried several different emails and no one is getting them, also not in their spam folders. One of your guys sent a blank one to one of the email addresses and that worked. I need another way to resolve this.



Re: My test emails are not sending

Hello @MichaelM392. I'm sorry that you are having trouble receiving your test emails! I saw that you were able to receive a blank test email from a member of our Support team when you contacted them yesterday. Have you been able to receive anything since posting here? 


It's possible that one of our IP addresses is being blocked by your security program and that is causing the email to not come through. We recommend whitelisting Constant Contact in your security program which will certainly help with your test emails being delivered! If you have further questions or concerns about the deliverability of your emails, we have a specialized team that will be able to assist you further. Here is a link to their phone numbers and hours of operation. 

Caitlin M.
Community & Social Media Support

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Preview Test Email Not working

Please advise as my "Send Test Email" function is not working... thanks!
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CTCT Employee

Re: Preview Test Email Not working

Hello @MonicaS301


 I took a look at your account and it seems that you reached out to our Delivery team to get help with this issue. If you are still in need of assistance, please let us know. 


Re: Preview Test Email Not working

Yes I am still needing assistance. I called constant contact support yesterday and today and they could not figure it out either, instead they told me to keep testing my email’s content line for line.. Which I’ve been doing all day and still have no solution. I have created 4 or 5 new templates testing out the content that way as well, and still have not reached a conclusion.

Please let me know if you can help me identify my email preventing the test function.

Thank you,


Re: Preview Test Email Not working

Hi @MonicaS301


Could you please copy the email in question, remove all of the content from it so that it is a blank template, and then try to send the preview to yourself? If you receive that then it indicates that there was something in your email that caused a filter or security setting on your end to block the emails with content from going through. It could be a specific word or the image to word ratio that is causing the issue. I apologize that I cannot tell what might be triggering the filter/security setting since when I send the previews to myself I receive them without a problem. 


If you send a preview of the blank template to yourself and you do not receive it then my next suggestion would be to try whitelisting. Please let us know what happens after trying those steps, thank you!

Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager
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Emails do not SEND

Can't tell you how many times I have tried sending myself and various other contacts a specific email. I've whitelisted Constant Contact from my firewall and somehow I get all of YOUR advertising emails but none of the tests or newsletters I am sending myself. Knew there was a catch to a 60 day free-trial. Will not be purchasing a subscription unless this is fixed, that's for sure.
CTCT Employee

Re: Emails do not SEND

Hello @SamanthaL965


Thank you for reaching out to us about this. I did take a look at your account and noticed you specifically sent yourself a live copy of your campaign. Within the reporting of this campaign, I noticed your email address was showing as a Blocked Bounce. This usually means the receiving system would not accept the email. 


You mentioned you have already whitelisted Constant Contact but we do have several sending IP addresses that we use to send from. In order to review this detailed information, you can view our FAQ How to work with ISPs who are blocking your emails to see this information. Were you able to whitelist the range of sending IP addresses?


If you are still finding you are having trouble receiving email campaigns sent directly from Constant Contact, I would suggest calling our Deliverability team. They are experts when it comes to this subject and can certainly offer additional assistance to get this resolved. You can view their hours of operation here


Let us know if you have any additional questions. 



Amber Royal
Community & Social Media Support

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Many of my clients didn't receive my emails....

Please could you help? Many of my clients feedback to me that they didn't receive my emails. could you please help? tsk!
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