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Subscribers that are removed from list

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Subscribers that are removed from list

Subscribers are that removed from the target list should also be removed from future queues. My list syncs from salesforce automatically on a daily basis based on specific criteria, if users are removed the list, then it makes no sense to have them in a future queue.
CTCT Employee

Re: Subscribers that are removed from list

Hello @DavidC8737, I completely understand the process of removing a contact from a list and then the updating from a CRM can completely reverse your request.


I would recommend that you either put an internal hold from mailing to that contacts email address or un-subscribe them if they requested no more emails. You can change the status of an email address by selecting the contacts name from the list they are on. Once you open the contacts information, click on the email address and that will open up the ability for you to change the email status.


Once you have selected the appropriate choice, that should help to prevent the CRM from allowing the contact to be emailed. The only other option is to remove any email address from the CRM before it makes the sync. I hope that will help to prevent any un-wanted delivery of emails.