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In the past we always created an email and then after sending saved that as the template for that 'season' (we are an event every June so we try to refresh our emails before each season starts).  With this new change I am wondering how I save my new look as a template? I know that I can copy emails but I was told a few years ago by your staff that I shouldn't do that because some 'code' gets leftover on the backend after copying it so many, many times and that is what was causing misc. issues for us in formatting. I just created our new look with your brand new templates but I'd like to save this template as ours to use for this year. Is the only way now to copy the email???



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Re: Templates

Hi @PattiL11


Thanks for bringing your question to the community! The ability to save as a template is currently limited to our Second Generation Editor (2GE), and is not available in our Third Generation Editor (3GE). However, we do have a lot of customers requesting this option, so I've tracked your interest and set up a case to notify you once this functionality is implemented.


In the meantime, you can make what we call a Master Template. To make a Master Template, create an email using one of our templates and make all the changes that are going to be the same in all sends. Things like your logo, colors, and section headings. Once that's done, save the email to a folder on your Campaigns tab for easy retrieval. You can then make copies of that base email instead of making copies of copies.


Nate M. 
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