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Temporary Hold

CTCT Employee

Temporary Hold

Did you know that with our new changes to the Contact Management System, you can temporarily suspend your correspondence with any customer that requests this?


Well, consider this scenario:  a customer of yours who loves receiving your Monthly Tips and Deals Newsletter contacts you to tell you that she will be abroad for an extended amount of time and would like you to suspend her email correspondence, as she won’t have regular internet access where she will be going.


You can put that contact on a Temporary Hold so that you don’t accidentally flood her inbox with messages that she does not want to receive during that time.


This can be very helpful in respecting the relationship between you and your contacts and will ensure that you can stay targeted in your marketing efforts.


*A few things to keep in mind. While this contact is on Temporary Hold, the contact will:


  • Remain on your lists
  • Continue to contribute to your billing
  • Won't get any of your emails
  • Can be taken out of this status at any time


Ok, let's get this ball rolling.

This is how you do it simply and quickly:







And that's all you need to do!


And when your customer returns and wants to receive your emails again, simply repeat the process and this time select: "I have permission to send email!"






Hope that was helpful to you to understand this handy new feature.



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Re: Temporary Hold

I'm pretty sure that this feature does not work as having enabled it in the past I have just realised that those contacts who were specifically put on temporary hold are still recieving the emails...??

Honored Contributor

Re: Temporary Hold

Hi @DmitriT0 


I'd be happy to take a look into this for you. Could you please email me the email addresses that were put on temporary hold that are still receiving emails to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com?


Thank you!

All Star

Re: Temporary Hold

I see this function, but am unable to select any of the options in the drop down menu.

CTCT Employee

Re: Temporary Hold

Hello @BobbieO,


We've gotten a small number of reports of the drop-down menus on that entire page being completely un-clickable for some users.  It seems that switching to a different browser seems to resolve this issue the vast majority of the time.  If you could please test switching to any other supported browser, that would help us troubleshoot.  If that doesn't work just email us what browsers you've tested, and which contact you're attempting to edit.  Send that to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com and we'll forward it on to our advanced technical team so we can track down the problem.

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