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Tracking engagement by individual


Tracking engagement by individual

We need a way to see who in the database is actually opening and clicking and who is not. We have 2000 names in our database. I can see who clicks by individual only. There seems to be no way to run a report of those who have never opened an email or to see over a period of time who is clicking. How can you target non-engaged subscribers if you don't know who they are? I am getting more and more frustrated with Constant Contact. 

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Re: Tracking engagement by individual

UPDATED: August 2018


Hi Beatrice,


I'm sorry to hear of your frustration. I will try my best to assist you.  


In order to see those who did not open an individual email, you can click on the Email tab > Reports > then you can click on any of the blue numbers under the headers, but I'll give Opens as an example.


This will then take you to the Reports page and on the left is a category "Did Not Open".  As usual, this information is only available for 85 days past the original send date.  After that, it becomes unclickable.


While we do not currently have a way to take emails sent over a period of time and combine the information to find common themes, like those who haven't opened an email, or those who haven't clicked (these are fantastic suggestions, please submit them to our Contact Feedback & Ideas Board), you can do this manually via Excel if you export the individual reports. You can also manually create this list in your account following the steps listed here.


I know that you said that you have over 2000 contacts so this feature may not be realistic to you, but you can see the Engagement information within each individual contact. We show you if they opened an email or clicked in it. If it just says "Sent" that means they didn't open it. This information isn't able to be clicked on to delve deeper into it, you have to see what they clicked on within the Reports area.


Please submit your suggestions to the board listed above so that others may vote on these features so our Contacts team can hopefully get working on them as soon as possible!


Thank you for your feedback!


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Re: Tracking engagement by individual

I agree with Beatrice.


One should also be able to view who are the most engaged recipients or least engaged recipients over time - not just for one email campaign. So for example, in the 'Reports' section - one should have an option to see a chart of all recipients based on their overall engagement, without having to look through individual campaigns.


That would be an immense improvement.


Thanks and best regards,



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Re: Tracking engagement by individual

Thanks for your feedback, Josef!


Would you mind passing it along in our Contacts Feedback Board? That way our developers and product owners can see it as well and others can vote on it!