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Trying to Insert Custom Variable Field to Each Email Recipient (What am I doing wrong?)

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Trying to Insert Custom Variable Field to Each Email Recipient (What am I doing wrong?)

I guess this would be similar to the mail merge function in Word. I thought I had it figured out but am running into some issues and could use some help or advice.


Basically I need to send 50 clients the same email which contains a hyperlink to take an assessment, however each client has a unique password that needs to be included with the email. I thought I could create a custom field under each contact named "Password" then enter the password in that field. Then in the campaign/email editor, I tried inserting Contact Details, Password, but when I go to preview it, instead of showing the password, it just reads the tile of the field name, "Password".  If I enter any one of the other Contact Details fields like email, address, etc., when I preview it that contacts email, address, etc. shows up. But if I ask it to show my custom field's data, it just shows the field name.


Does Constant Contact have a protection system in place to prevent one of the fields showing text it considers giberish or something? Because the passwords being issued are totally random assortment of letters and numbers which I have no control over.


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Trying to Insert Custom Variable Field to Each Email Recipient (What am I doing wrong?)

Hi @CraigH616


Thanks for reaching out to the community. I apologize your “Password” custom field isn’t showing in your preview. When it comes to custom fields, unfortunately they would not actually show in the preview of an email. Other fields like names and email addresses  will show because that can be pulled from your account owner’s data. But custom fields can only be viewed in an email when it is a live send. What I suggest as a work around for this, is to send a live email to yourself first as a test to make sure it’s working how you want. Once you do that and it is working correctly, you can then make a copy of that email and send it to your desired contact lists.

Frankie P.
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