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Unable to find the spam check

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Re: Unable to find the spam check

my test email went to my spam box, and i've never marked constant contact as spam. I'm going to be so mad if my campaign I built to go out tonight goes to everyone's spam box. It will definitely make me unsubscribe from using constant contact if my emails are not making it to the people they are supposed to. I keep seeing all sorts of references to a spam check but that's not available from what I can tell.

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Re: Unable to find the spam check

Hello @SherryN381,


You are right, the spam checker was available for our earlier version of software. Unfortunately, that option has been retired as we have updated the newest editor to allow for the user to make great looking emails with-out all the guess work and troubles landing in the recipient's inbox correctly.


Remember to use good subject lines that are around 5-8 words or 50 characters. Use a subject line that will entice the reader to read further without the spam characteristics of repeated symbols (!!!, $$$, %%% or ???) and stay away from using all CAPITAL LETTERS in your words.  Instead, try Capitalizing the First Letter of Each Word  and stay away from words like Free, Cash, Guarantee, Spam or cash/credit mentions will help to keep you Emails from landing in the spam box.


Here is one of my favorite links to a blog in our community.

Thanks for the great question here, hopefully, this is helpful!

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Re: Unable to find the spam check

Constant Contact: are you going to update or reorganize your documentation so that users searching help and video files can figure out what in the heck applies to the system they use?  We'd also benefit if you could keep track of the obsolete explanations and screen shots in the community forums.  Do you have a team responsible for these matters?  Do they work more than 5 hours a week?  It could be a point of great pride if someone came along and figured this out, and kept your documentation up-to-date and reliable for users.



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Re: Unable to find the spam check

Spot on!
It seems as though they are a bit out of control on most fronts.  
When you launch major projects you don't sign off before the documentation can support it.   Its a  Basic product launch requirement.
The current mish mosh of docs and different versions should be an embarrassment to someone. I dare you to find that person or have someone take the responsibily though.  I would guess it should be the program launch manager, if they are even still on board.
Its obvious they did not have any coordination ntion for this latest launch.  
They are starting to send out requests for input lately so but only after their customer base went ape.
CTCT isn't what it used to be. I'm not sure what impact the buyout had on the company during this whole mess but it is a possibility.
I still have a few clients using it so I'm kinda stuck for awhile. 
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Re: Unable to find the spam check

Hi Michael @mchristo


Thank you for asking about our resources. I do apologize for the delay in a response. I have reached out a couple of people about this to help get you an answer.


As far as the Community is concerned, I hope I can help to shed some light on how materials are handled. Since we still have customers using multiple account types and editors, we are unable to hide all older posts and threads that contain information regarding those products. When we revamped the Community at the beginning of September we spent a great amount of time going through the old content and choosing which content to make readily available. However, there is a great deal of historical value in those older posts so we did not want to delete them entirely. Some of those posts can still be found by using 3rd party search engines, but are not found easily from navigating within the Community. If someone lands on this area of the Community there is a message letting them know that the information is archived yet still visible. In the future this content will be hidden completely and locked down; however, we need to ensure that information is available to customers who are still using the different account types and editors.


For the Knowledgebase team that handles most of our How-To FAQ's and video tutorials, this team is running into the same issue with customers seeing different options within their account. They are working on some things to help with this based off of login and account specific information; however, not everyone is logged in when searching for help. Due to this, the information for all various customer accounts are still readily available.


If you ever find something that you feel to be outdated, I encourage you to let us know. You can send me a message here on the Community by going to my profile, then clicking to “Send this user a Private Message,” you can also send an email to us at communitysupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com, or post about it within the Community. If the information you mention is not within the Community, we can definitely pass your feedback along to the team that handles that content.


Re: Unable to find the spam check

That happened to me too, in another account.  I used the spam checker to fix the problem.

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Re: Unable to find the spam check

Hello @ChuckW169. May I ask what you were experiencing in another account? Was it related to the spam checker? I just want to make sure that any issues you were experiencing have been resolved. 

Caitlin M.
Community & Social Media Support

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Re: Unable to find the spam check

This was brought to your attention nearly a year ago - what is the status of the Spam Checker?  Will it be added back to the product?  WHEN? 


This is a substantial feature, and I am uncertain as to why it is being treated so cavalierly. 

CTCT Employee

Re: Unable to find the spam check

Hello @SteveH8244


I apologize for our delay in response here. I have some information from our Product teams that I wanted to share with you. The Spam Checker feature was not used by a majority of our customers in the previous editing experience and when it was used, the notifications often caused confusion. With this being said, we do understand that the customers who used this feature, like yourself and others, thought of that as a nice addition to have in the editing experience. We are working on creating more validation tools within the editing experience to help with the removal of this tool. Although we do not have any timelines on when this would be available, I did want to let you know that it is on the radar. 


I also want to mention that our teams are always working to maintain and improve the deliverability of our products. We have a deliverability rate that is consistently at or above 97%. With this commitment to deliverability, it helps all of our customers benefit from the reputation of the Constant Contact brand. 


If you have any further questions about this, please let us know.