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Unable to save any changes

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Email draft disappeared

I saw that people were having trouble with saved emails disappearing about a year ago, but has anyone else had that problem lately? I had one a couple months ago that I thought maybe I screwed up and didn't save, but I had a draft in the last couple weeks that I know I saved. I created it at home. When in the office several days later I printed out a copy for my boss to review.  A couple days after that it was gone. Not in the trash, not accidently sent, just disappeared.  


Re: Email draft disappeared

Hi @angelaseafirstfinancial.coa


I'm sorry to hear about your email draft. We certainly want to take a look into the matter and do some research to find out what is going on for you. 


Could you please send us an email at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with as much of the following information as you may have:


1. Do you have a test copy of the email that you sent which you can forward to us?

2. Approximate time (including time zone) and date that you last edited the draft. 

3. What browser and version of the browser were you using?

4. Was the email open in more than one browser? or window?

5. Were you on a wired or wireless connection?

6. Do you remember the last couple of changes you had made to your draft?

7. Could there have been more than one person editing the email at the same time?

8. What edits and blocks in the email were you working on prior to saving?

9. Was this a new email you created or a copy of an old existing email that was being edited? 


Any information you have would be greatly appreciated so that we can work toward discovering the cause of what happened and resolving the issue. 

Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager
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Can't see any of the work I've done on drafts!

Also can't seem to start a new campaign or any other action. So far, this site sucks
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Re: Can't see any of the work I've done on drafts!

Hi Gary.

I am sorry to hear of your frustrations. Are you noticing that your changes are being saved or you're missing a specific campaign?


In reference to the new campaigns, if you click Campaigns on the left and then "Create" are you able to continue to make a new one? If not, are you seeing any errors?



Hannah M.
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Draft disappeared -- is there no auto-save?

I was working on an email draft for more than 2 hours. CC froze and crashed -- and the draft wasn't auto-saved. In 2015, how is there not an auto-save feature on your product? I came from , and I might have to go back.

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Re: Draft disappeared -- is there no auto-save?

Although I'm not sure of the frequency, there is an autosave option, one would think its enabled by default.  You may want to check.




p.s.  Kinda interesting that CTCT edited the original note to remove a competitor's name but neglected to answer the customer's question. Whats up with that? 

CTCT Employee

Re: Draft disappeared -- is there no auto-save?

Hello @RonM576


Like @Clique_Marketing mentioned there is an Auto-Save within your account that is automatically turned on for all accounts.  This autosaves a template that you are working in, like if you would have pressed the Save button at the top right of the page.  If you are working within a specific block though, it will not save the open block.  

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Newsletter was erased inexplicably

While preparing to send my April newsletter, half of it just disappeared. I hadn't undone anything; the only change was to use the replace option for a picture. The really horrible part was that the newsletter was completely done at that point, and much of the content had been written inside Constant Contact. I guess the lesson learned is to write in Word, and copy/paste into CC to avoid total loss in the future. It was just really disappointing to lose the hours that I'd already spent.
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Re: Newsletter was erased inexplicably

I do a manually save after every update or change as I work, that seems to cover my butt.



CTCT Employee

Re: Newsletter was erased inexplicably

Hi @AmyK5940,


I apologize for what happened to you while you were finishing up your newsletter. We would like to investigate this issue further to see about preventing this from happening in the future. If you have the time to give additional information, we would greatly appreciate it. We would need to know:


1.) The name of the Campaign you were working on

2.) the section you had last done prior to saving

3.) Did all content disappear or did it revert to previously saved version.


We would be happy to investigate this matter further once you get back to us.

Please feel free to email us back at: social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com



Amy J

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