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I've added a list that include some of the same names from past e-mail campaigns and 16 of the names choose to unsubscribe. How to find the names so I can delete them off my CSV file. I believe this is the reason I'm failing to complete the campaign. Please help.
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Re: Unsubscribe

HI @PatR408


Thanks for your question! If your contacts have unsubscribed, they are moved into the Unsubscribed list on the left when you're in the Contacts. 


tk contacts.png


You can click on Unsubscribe



Then check all the contacts and then Export


tk select all_export.png


tk export unsubscribed.png


Then you can remove them from your own CSV file. 


Please note that if a contact has unsubscribed, we would not add them back to your account even if they are still on a file that you import.


Hope that helps!

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