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Update Profile Email


Update Profile Email

You have an "Update Profile Email" editable template here: However, I cannot find how to send this email to my contacts. Elsewhere on the site, it states that you cannot send an email with a link to the "Update Profile Form", the subscriber has to click the "Update Profile" link in the footer of the email. If you can't send an email with a link to the "Update Profile Form", why do you have an "Update Profile Email" template? What am I missing here?
CTCT Employee

Re: Update Profile Email

Hi @MyShipleyDonuts,


Thank you for reaching out to us through the Community. I do apologize for any confusion that this might have caused. Basically, when a contact clicks on the Update Profile link at the footer, they will sent the Update Profile Email where they will receive the steps on updating their information within your database. That option of the Update Profile Email template is only for you to edit how that email looks when it gets sent to the contacts who have clicked on the Update Profile link. You cannot email this Update Profile email to your recipients. It will only come to them after they have clicked on the link to update their profile. I hope this helps. Let us know if you need assistance with anything else.

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Re: Update Profile Email

So, let me make sure I have this right. In order for me to collect additional information on my contacts, I have to send an email with pictures and arrows showing them where to click the tiny "update profile" link in the footer of the email, explaining to them that after they click that link they will receive another email they will have to take action on in order to get presented with the form to update their profile info, right? Why not skip all this nonsense and allow us to send an email telling them to "click here" to update their info., at which time, they are presented with the update profile form?

CTCT Employee

Re: Update Profile Email

Hello @MyShipleyDonuts,


Thanks for getting back to us.  A nice way to collect more information from your contacts would be to build a Landing page in your Sign-Up Forms tab.  Once you have designed it to collect any relevant data that you're after, you can take the Form URL and attach it to a hyper-link or a button in an email campaign.  After clicking it, the contact will have a new tab pop up that will let them enter more contact information.  The form can be designed with it's own list attached that each person updating their information will automatically be added to.  This will help you keep track of who has and has not yet updated their information.


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