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WHY does my text change to PURPLE????


WHY does my text change to PURPLE????

I've been using CC for about 1.5 years now, and I work with our local Small Business Community Center to publish a monthly ENews.  I don't use purple font colors, I NEVER use purple font colors.  For some reason, it randomly inserts itself into my preview drafts. 

Ex:  I typed up an ENews, several content w/ image boxes, section dividers between boxes, all Arial font, all black except for hyperlinks.  (I use the same template every time, just adapted to fit the current month's content.) I sent it to myself via the "preview" screen - sent myself a test.  When it arrived in my inbox, every other paragraph was purple!!!!!!!!!!  I went back to my draft, all the text is black.  checked the "preview" tab and previewed everything in the pop-up window IN CC.  All black except the blue hyperlinks.  I don't know enough about code to see if there's something weird buried in the template, but if that's what I need to look for I'll figure it out.  It's SOO frustrating and it happens all the time.

Thanks so much!  I need to figure this out because it wastes an incredible amount of time trying to go back, make sure everything is black, make sure I don't accidently color the hyperlinks black.....yuck!


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Re: WHY does my text change to PURPLE????

Hello @BizCenter. I apologize that you are seeing your text change color when you send yourself a preview. We definitely want to help you with this! You didn't specify a certain campaign that this was happening with but I sent myself a preview to a Gmail and Outlook 2010 account and did not see the purple text. What email client were you using to preview the campaign?


Also, you said that you use the same template every month. Do you make copies of a previously sent campaign or do you have a blank template that you copy and work off of? If you do make copies of a previously sent campaign, this could be the reason why you are seeing this text change as there starts to be changes in the code that affects the text and layout. I recommend creating a blank template if you haven't done so and making copies of this every month so there is a lesser chance of this issue happening to you. 

Caitlin M.
Community & Social Media Support

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Re: WHY does my text change to PURPLE????

Hi, this happens in my emails as well, but the text starts off as a light blue. The best way to take care of this, when editing the section, click on the square that says HTML. It will take you to the code view. When looking through the code, you'll find your text, and a few lines before you will see styles, one will be font color "#8201ad" (just an example). Change that color code to "#000000" which is black. At the bottom of the document click Save, and return to the editor.

Sometimes when we use a previous template, the code doesn't change. It also happens with bold, italic, font size and other styles. If something similar isn't working, alwyas check the code:)