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Warning - The newsletters are disappearing!

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Warning - The newsletters are disappearing!


The newsletters are disappearing.  This happens when I use a previous campaign or newsletter and copy it.  I then fill it out with the new information - I save both the blocks that have been modified and I make a general save.  Then I continue and choose my lists to send to.  When I save this part, the campaign disappears completely, my new text is gone and I get back the previous campaign that I used.


This has happened several times.  At first I thought it was my fault, so I was extra careful at saving.  But this week it happened with 3 newsletters - 2 from a client´s account and now one in my account.


It appears that this issue is under the "exploration" phase of CC.  A representative told me that this was a defect of the system.  But so far, it has not been fixed.


My recommendation to the community is to always send a test email to ensure that you do not loose your work.  My recommendation and request to Constant Contact is to send an immediate warning to all the clients and to resolve this problem as soon as possible.





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Re: Warning - The newsletters are disappearing!

Hello Lucia, 


I apologize that you have run into this issue.  Sending a test version of the email is a great way to save the email at that point in time.  From the test email our Support Team can recreate the email to match almost exactly as it was during the test send.  


What we recommend, if possible, is to create a new template to copy off of.  It can also help if you are working in a copy of a previous email to add a new block to the email and delete the older blocks.  We are still working to resolve this issue and if you would like I can put in a request for you to be notified when this issue is resolved.  


Email Templates become corrupted if copies multiple times. Why is CC not sharing this info?

I just hung up with CC customer service and have to say I am completely astonished at my conversation. This past week we had 2 occasions when our work on a new email campaigns was not saved properly. We called in the first instance and were told then they were sorry but there must have a been a glitch and we considered it one of those unfortunate things but we lost time and had to recreate out work. However, this am it impacted our customers as we sent out an email to our customer with paid content, saved it, previewed it, tested was all fine. The email went out and we started getting emails saying "Hey you sent us the wrong content". When we went and looked, we were stunned to see they were right. The updated content/document links on the template were not saved, even though the preview and test email made it appear as though it had. We did our quality control and had no reason to question it would not go out correctly. I immediately called Cust Service and told them what had happened for now the 2nd time this week and they very quickly knew the issue. "oh that is just because if you copy a template more than a few times, the code become corrupted and it won't save properly. Try creating a new template instead!" I was astonished by this response. If customer service knows this is an issue, why CC is not sharing this with their customers is beyond comprehension. This is a significant issue, causing lost hours (which no small business can afford) or worse emails that go out incorrectly as was the case with us this am. The rep knew within seconds of me telling her what happened and even mentions it happens frequently to people. A simple pop up when you go to copy a template would prevent these issues easily. I find it very disappointing that customer service is sitting with this information and no one at CC is sharing it with their paying customers. Instead, they wait for us to call in after we have a problem. I came to Constant Contact due to their reputation for great customer service and focus on helping small businesses. This experience is not in line with either.
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Re: Email Templates become corrupted if copies multiple times. Why is CC not sharing this info?

Hi @The_Dinner_Daily_

I am very sorry to hear of your experience. I can't speak for your previous phone calls but I can help clarify a few things. 


We do suggest creating a master template to copy and reuse in your account. This template would be the basics of your design so it will include your standard layout and branding but no content. Every time you need to create a new email you copy that master template so you are starting fresh with your layout. This option works for some users.


Another option if you would rather copy your last email (which is fine!) is to make sure you are replacing the content heavy blocks with fresh ones or using the clear styles button on the toolbar to make sure you are preventing the HTML code from building up in the background. This is what causes some strange text changes when you send your email out. At this time we're putting a big focus on this type of situation to determine the best ways for us to help you avoid it. I'll be sure to share any updates here or in the Community for you.

Hannah M.
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