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What does awaiting confirmation mean?

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Awaiting COnfirmation

Going through my address lists, I find a gentleman who signed up through the web site - but his name is listed as "Awaiting Confirmation." I can find nothing I can do to change this. I'd be delighted to "confirm" him, ie admitting him to being able to receive mailings - but nothing I do seems to change his status.

Re: Awaiting COnfirmation

Hi @JohnS4388

Awaiting confirmation indicates that the contact hasn't confirmed their interest in getting your emails. To get him back as an active contact you would need to ask him to resubscribe to your mailing list. A simple way to do this is to direct him to your website or Facebook page signup boxes. If you don't have these set up there are other ways, check out this FAQ!



Hannah M.
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Re: Awaiting COnfirmation

I literally cannot believe this. We have nearly 8000 "awaiting confirmation" users WHO SIGNED UP FOR OUR EMAILS.

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Re: Awaiting COnfirmation

Hi @millie2007



I apologize for any confusion of these contacts that are in awaiting confirmation! I took a peek at your account and can see you have spoken to our Account Review support about your contacts in the past. It looks as if you may have had to send a Confirmed Opt-In email to your contacts, but were not required to turn it on for the future. Sending out a Confirmed Opt-In to your contacts will cause all contacts who have not yet responded to remain in awaiting confirmation. This is done to help make sure you are working with the most updated version of your contact list to help avoid and bounces or possible spam reports. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Account Review team directly.

Frankie P.
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