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What does "Blocked" mean under bounces?


What does "Blocked" mean under bounces?

Hi there, What does "Blocked" mean under bounces? We're trying to understand if these refer to the customer opting to block our emails, or if these are email service provider blocks that our subscribers are victim to? Thank you, Adrian

Re: What does "Blocked" mean under bounces?


Great question! A blocked bounce indicates that something on the receiving end is preventing the email from being delivered. Often this happens with addresses that are delivered to secure companies, like banks or schools but can happen to anyone. Companies are known to block all bulk sending IP addresses to prevent emails from coming through or even only have an "allowed" list that causes every other address to be blocked. Other companies will block any external email so there's a number of causes. 


An easy solution would be to have the user whitelist Constant Contact's sending IP addresses in their email client. This would allow Constant Contact emails to be delivered to them. This FAQ has further directions as well as a list of IP addresses to allow.


We've got a great FAQ with more details and how to go about getting this contact's status resolved. ...


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