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Why I'm Leaving Constant Contact - Can You Say ?

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Why I'm Leaving Constant Contact - Can You Say ?

1) I uploaded contacts yesterday afternoon and I was "automatically" blocked over TWO email names. Instead of sending me an email warning me about TWO names, your company decided to automatically block me! I'm a small business owner (CPA) and I have to get my newsletter out today. I'm very busy with tax season & I'm speaking to someone who on the phone who has no idea of what it's like to run a business, why some small businesses might have an email address such as info@joescompany, etc. 2) On 12/30/18, I found out that Constant Contact just swept my account in the amount of $. There was no notice. By the time I found out about this transfer, my bank was down so I couldn't transfer funds into my operating account. ARGH!!!!!! Again, proving that the Company doesn't understand the small business owner 3) Last November, I was away. I COULD NOT create a newsletter using my iPad nor could I create the newsletter with Constant Contact's iPad app. Apparently, Constant Contact doesn't really support tablets. IT IS 2019 - most folks use tablets these days. It shows me where Constant Contact's priorities are - and it isn't with the small businesses that helped to build this company by paying for it's product. 4) I asked customer support who my sales rep is. He didn't know. He told me that sales reps aren't assigned by territory or any other type of segmentation. THE ONLY WAY I CAN REACH SOMEONE IS THROUGH THIS FRIGGIN BLACK BOX???!!! After tax season is over, I will find another email solution.

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Re: Why I'm Leaving Constant Contact - Can You Say ?

Support told me to post this under Comments and now I see that this is under a public forum.  My comments DID NOT go directly to Constant Contact!


Re: Why I'm Leaving Constant Contact - Can You Say ?

Hello @IreneW1. Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize that our Support agent did not clarify that feedback posts are public but I did remove any private information that might have been included in your original posts. I wanted to address all of the points in your post separately.


First, I looked at your account and saw that you were previously under a List Review. These can be triggered by a few different actions taken in the account, usually happening after larger list uploads or when we see problematic addresses being uploaded into the account. Although we can't discuss publicly the specific reason why your account was put under a review, it looks like you were able to speak with our List Review team yesterday and the account has released. Also, we are not able to discuss your billing publicly in order to keep your account secure and you will need to contact our Billing team directly to discuss the charges on your account. 


Next, when you were using the Constant Contact app on your iPad, may I ask what you were finding difficult to use or what features you thought were missing? We understand that some of our customers may not have access to a desktop or laptop and we want to make sure our app provides a great experience for them!


Finally, our sales representatives are available for our customers' who have trial accounts. Since you have an active account with us, for the best assistance possible, you will want to speak to our Support team for account questions and concerns. We have many different channels available, including phone, chat, or even right here in the Community! I'm sorry if you did not have a pleasant experience prior to posting here but we want to make sure that you are successful in your email marketing. Please let us know if there is anything we can assist with. We are happy to help and would love to see you stay with us.

Caitlin M.
Community & Social Media Support

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