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Why is there no RSS > Email option?

Solution Provider

Why is there no RSS > Email option?

While personally I prefer to tease a blog post in an email, driving traffic to the page, many of my clients would rather have their ESP automatically send an email out based on the RSS feed.


Because of this, many of them have chosen  or  over CC, because these two companies--and many others--offer this. 


This feels liks basic funtionality that should be part of the CC package. I know that  has had this functionality for about 10 years now, so it's not exactly cutting edge. 


Would love a response and explanation, thanks. 



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Re: Why is there no RSS > Email option?

I see email and RSS as two completely different technologies.

How do the other competitors tie them together.

Re: Why is there no RSS > Email option?

Hi @richflyte


As with your other post I do not have much information to share at the moment, but I am reaching out to our teams here to try and get more information for you. As soon as I have it I will post a reply to this thread, so please keep an eye out for that. Thank you!

Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager
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Re: Why is there no RSS > Email option?

Was there a post deleted from this thread?


I just got a response to my question from the OP and it seems to have been removed?


What gives??

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Re: Why is there no RSS > Email option?

Sorry! I have two accounts at CC and I thought it was confusing when I realized I posted from the wrong one!


So I deleted it, planning on coming back to this account and posting the same response from here, but then I got distracted.


So much for not being confusing.


So, the ways it works is this: your blog post goes live and the RSS feed is automatically pushed out (assuming you've set it up that way.) From there, it nudges your ESP (, , etc.) which auto-generates and email with the image and text, and sends it out to your list.


Less control, but it can save you an hour a post. Some of my clients just don't want to take the extra step, and they'd prefer to save the time. 

Honored Contributor

Re: Why is there no RSS > Email option?

OK,  I post as clients by mistake too.


I get it now. A "sort of email" gets created from the guts of a blog post.


I'll go on record to say you'll never see that from these guys.

CTCT Employee

Re: Why is there no RSS > Email option?

Hi @richflyte @Clique_Marketing,


Thanks for posting these comments in the community!


If you're familiar with the 3rd Generation Editor (3GE), we just released a new feature that makes it a bit easier to accomplish what you noted in your ‎'08-19-2016 08:11 AM' post @richflyte.


This solution doesn’t address the core ask you had of sending emails based on updates to relevant and compliant RSS feeds, but it does give you a bit more of the control over the content that is being sent that many of our customers have been asking for. It’s also a bit easier since we’re formatting the block based on other email template styles as well.


The feature is called “Read More”. Please take a look. You can also learn more about this here:


Regarding RSS to email, I think it’s definitely a powerful tool for people looking to set-it and forget-it. Much of the existing roadmap is pursuing features and functions that continue to give users more control over the content they are sharing—thus the Read More feature is available as a part of core email creation. This said, much of the product roadmap is influenced by the feedback that we are seeing here. Please continue to vote on this topic as this will help this to bubble up as well.

Minsoo Lee
Product Manager