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Due to an issue with YouTube, inserting videos in your emails is showing an error. Until they are able to resolve this issue, we recommend using a different video hosting service. We will continue to monitor this outage and update you as we have more information.

Width of email

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sign-up form on secure page

I am looking to do the same, from what I have read, the API does not support SSL - it may be something we have to get CC to work on for us.

Image Width

I recently replaced a header image which was 799px wide.  (The instructions on the Add Image page said less that 800px.)  Then my messages all ran over the right margin. 

During a nice chat discussion with Stephanie T, I was told that it should be less than 600px, which solved the problem.

Bad instructions on the Add Image page.
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Company logo block width


I need help. I insert mi image on the company logo block but i want it to look the same width as the background color, how do I do it?
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Company logo block width

The logo has a picture and as such has a fixed width. The background color fills in no matter what width the browser. Best bet is to stick with a 600 pixel wide logo.
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Company logo block width

If you are proficient with css, you can edit the style sheet so the background of the block is the same as your logo background. Wishing you success
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What are the dimensions of the Header Image Block?

I am using the Gym template.  Is there a way to fill the entire block with a photo - without caption?
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adjusting the box size of an article block

Hello to all!

I just upgraded to the newer version and I'm not as familiar with it.  Is there any way to customize the size of an article, table of contents or quick links block?  Other than the already predetermined sizes that the template forces you to use? 
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adjusting the box size of an article block

If you are talking about the width of a block, then look at "Advanced Features", then "Edit Style Sheet". Usually at the bottom are the settings for template width, right column width, and left column width. You can edit these, but save your email first and edit with caution. Make sure your right and left column widths add up to total template width. You could also do some tweaking in the html code view for each section you are editing in the email. But only do this if you understand html code.

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What are the dimensions of the Header Image Block?

Most are 600 pixels wide.
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What are the dimensions of the Header Image Block?

My header image is set to 600 pixels wide, but the rest of the template is wider. It looks fine if I set the image to 613 pixels wide. I'm new to this -- is that a bad thing to do?