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Width of email

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What are the dimensions of the Header Image Block?

Having 13 extra pixels is not a big deal. You don't, however, want to go over 600 by much more. If you do, your readers may need to use a horizontal scroll bar to see your content. Chances are, there is something in your email causing the template to stretch a little bit. Images within the body can do this as can long URLs used as link text. A less common reason is preformatted text with absolute settings or margins. If your email has columns, check their widths in the style sheet. Be sure your images do not exceed the widths and be sure to factor in any padding as well.
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What are the dimensions of the Header Image Block?

Thanks! I think there's an image that is stretching the template. I forgot to account for the padding.
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Need help wtih Constant Contact

I've done many newsletters in ***REMOVED BY MODERATOR*** and now have to use CC. It's really different. I did watch the very basic video (still lost) so I'm going to end up needing a lot of help. I don't see an option to drag and drop and yet design my own newsletter, not really starting with a template. So I picked one that looks sort of like what we want to do. 


I want a banner to stretch across the entire top of the newsletter in ***REMOVED BY MODERATOR*** that happens if the banner is 600px wide. I dropped that image into an image block and it shrinks in CC to 576 pixels and I can't make it larger, regardless of how large of an image I put upload. So when I save it, there are two gray bands on either side of the image where it isn't filling in the entire image block. I tried unlocking the image size but it won't' let me make it any larger that 576 (again the uploaded size is 600 px) I've tried uploading a larger size (650 px) and it too shrinks back to 576. How do I fill the entire image block with that header?


I've attached the image here (cropped to take out company name for now) and you can see the gray image block background. I can't seem to change that gray to any other color either (although I can change other backgrounds in the newsletter but not an image block). 


I'm sure I can have an image that goes the width of the newsletter but just can't figure out how to make it happen. I'm clearly never going to get this newsletter out on the client's timetable. I'm so frustrated I really don't see anything in the knowledge base that will address this. 


Thanks for any help.cropped image.png

cropped image.png
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Re: Need help wtih Constant Contact

Hi @BillH26


I apologize for the frustration you were having with getting your image right in the template.


I took a look at your email and I see that the image does stretch out to the full width of the template now.  Let us know if you are still having difficulty with that please.


Also, if you are wanting to use your own html/xhtml coding you can do so if you click "Use My Own Code" on the left when on the Template Picker page.


I understand how important it is for you to have the email looking the way you need it to to meet your client's deadline and we are happy to help you here in the Community but for immediate assistance, please contact our Phone Support Team at 1-866-289-2101.


Please let us know if you are still needing assistance. 


Re: Need help wtih Constant Contact

I had this issue too, I had the image re-created to the exact specs but was only eventually able to get a larger image size by overwriting an old e-mail created on a previous version of the software (which is still active when editing an old e-mail).


Lucky I had that but I'm thinking this resize function was essentially lost in the latest update?


Re: Need help wtih Constant Contact

Hi @AnnaH16


Thank you for reaching out to the Community about your email! I am happy to hear you were able to resize your image using one of our templates after all. The resize function that is previously described in this post has not been lost in our newest editor, our Third Generation Editor. Instead, this function has been altered. Once an image is place in a Third Generation template, it can be resized by clicking and dragging the arrows in the right hand corner of your image.




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Re: What are the dimensions of the Header Image Block?


There is a way to fill your entire block with a photo by using the Fit to Block option.  

  1. Place your cursor over the block that contains the image you want to resize and click Edit this block.
    Header image
  2. Place your cursor over your desired image and click the gear icon.

  3. Choose, Fit to Block and select Save.



That's it!  I  hope that helps.

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Image Width

I agree that the instruction is confusing, but they are really referring to two different things. The upload image size does not have to be equal to the display size. Constant Contact is suggesting that the upload size be no larger than 800 pixels, you can still display the 800 pixel image in your email as 600 pixels wide. I would however suggest you always upload or use images that are exactly the same as the display size. Some browsers pixilate images when they adjust the display size.
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How do I find the pixel size of each box so I can size my images???

thanks for any help.  I'm new...

thanks, jack hudkins
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How do I find the pixel size of each box so I can size my images???

Jack, To make sure you should be able to look in the style sheet for the template you are using. You can find it by clicking on the Edit Style Sheet options from advanced features. Look towards the bottom of it for WIDTH entries.