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Width of email


New Image Interface

Does anyone else find the new image interface as difficult to use and user unfriendy as I do?


Re: New Image Interface

The new image interface is HORRIBLE!!! It's bad enough using this VERY CUMBERSOME site but the image situation just takes it to an all new level. I have to run closed deals blasts and this new image interface SERIOUSLY impacts the time it takes me to do it now.


When will all of the issues be resolved?!?!?!?


How to get my email to be wider

I have a high resolution image that I would like to appear larger in the email and in order to do this I am assuming that I need the actual email to be larger. I saw an archived post saying something about an Advanced Features tool but I cannot find this and the post was from two years ago. Any help?

CTCT Employee

Re: How to get my email to be wider

Hello @KayteM , 


In order to increase the width of an email you would need to edit the Style Sheet of the email. You will want to search in the Style Sheet (you can use Ctrl + F or Command + F on a Mac) TemplateWidth.  For most of our templates the width is set to 600 pixels wide. You can change the 600 to a larger number.  The limit is 800 pixels wide.  We recommend leaving emails at the 600 pixels wide, so that it does not create a scroll to the left and right for the email.  Increasing the width of your email will also make it harder to view on a mobile device.  


What you might also want to think about trying is adding the image and asking your audience to click the image to view it larger.  You can make your image a clickable link to itself.  To get the image URL for your image in your Constant Contact library you can go to the Library tab and click on the name of your image.  Below the preview of your image, the image URL will appear.  You will then use this as the link for the image.  When the email is received and someone clicks on the image, they will be taken to a page showing the full image at the width that it was uploaded into the library with.  



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Re: Image Width

Hello there, 

Sorry for the confusion.  You can get your image ready to upload to your Library by making sure it has the right height and width, resolution, file size, and file type. This protects the image's quality and prevents errors during the upload process.

If you are using the 2GE editor then it is possible that putting in an image larger than it’s designed dimensions could stretch the email. Stretching the email will make it wider than the designed dimensions and could cause display issues.  If you recently put in an image and your email is suddenly wider than what you began with, resize the image smaller and the email should go back to the proper size.  


If you are using our 3GE editor then you will not run into the problem of stretching but I do recommend getting your images ready for upload by following these steps.


I hope that helps! 

I'm having issues with images.

I am trying to upload images with the criteria provided by CC, but I am unable to upload the images.  I am using a JPEG format with pictures that are far under 800 pixel width.  Please help!  Thanks!
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I'm having issues with images.

Hi Alicia,

Do you receive an error message when you try to upload the image? If so, it could be encoding problem. To remove encoding, you can take the image to and upload the image. Save it as a jpeg and give it a new name. Once saved, try uploading the image to Constant Contact.

Let me know if that works,


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I'm having issues with images.

Alicia, The problem stems from the file you are trying to upload. The file you attached to this post exceeds the 800 pixel width max of the image library. Try with a smaller image (diameter wise). Regards, Tony
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I'm having issues with images.

Try renaming it to something shorter as well. The system should re-size a large image but try those two things and test.
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Blank template and block that extends across almost the width of the email

Is there either of options available in constant contact?