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Width of email

Honored Contributor

Re: Blank template and block that extends across almost the width of the email

Hi Ian,


Absolutely! We have both of those!  First you can delete any extra block and just keep one block in your template.  Then you can drag the block so that it fills the entire width.  But why mess around with that when you can find templates that already fit the width!


full width template.png

Click the Email Marketing tab in the product > then click on Create > When you get to the Template Selector, click the layout for the full width.



  Then you'll have a full array of templates to choose from that fit your critieria!


I hope that helps!

Honored Contributor

Re: Width of email

Hi Scott,


The images you are using in your email are being compressed and that is causing them to not be readable.  Your images should be no wider than 600px wide. You can resize images at Picnik for free.  If after you resize and re-upload into your account, they still appear blurry and pixelated, you may want to host them on a free third-party site like Photobucket or Flickr.  Then you can insert the image by image URL instead of inserting from your MyLibrary with us.


To insert an image using an Image URL:


Copy the URL given to you from the third-party site

Go into the email that you're working on.

Click to edit the block where you want the image to appear

Right click (ctrl+click if on a Mac) on the image

Choose Change

In the popup, click on "Enter Image URL" and paste in the URL you copied.


You can then click on Preview to view the image in the bottom part of the popup.

Then click Insert Image to insert it into your email.


Adding an Image to an Email


If you have any questions, let us know!



Occasional Visitor

Re: Width of email

Marissa, I don't think you understood Scott's question. It's the width of the newsletter, not the resolution of the images that we have a problem with. People are using higher and higher screen resolutions and these newsletters are coming across really small and difficult read. Again, it has nothing to do with the images being inserted, it's the template itself.


Any ideas on how to correct this problem without having to be a master at coding?



Honored Contributor

Re: Width of email

Hi Everyone,


All templates are 600 pixels wide which is a standard width for email clients. It could be that the email client you are using does not properly render HTML. I'd like to test this and see if I have the same issues. Could you let me know what email client you're using?




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Occasional Organizer

Removing width restriction from basic email template

Hello, I am trying to send an HTML email using a Basic template that does not have any width restriction (like a text version).  For example, when I send a regular email through Outlook, the text will automatically adjust to the size of the window.  If I resize the window, the text will "wrap" itself to fit.


I cannot find a way to do this in the CSS. I even tried removing the CSS entirely, but the blocks still default to 600px. Is there any way to create a template email that does not have any width restriction such as described above?


The purpose of this is to make the email seem like it was sent through a standard platform like Outlook instead of Constant Contact.



CTCT Employee

Re: Removing width restriction from basic email template

Hi Matthew,

All of our templates are designed with set widths. You can change the width of a template with in the style sheet, however we do not currently have any responsive templates. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Have a great day

Deanne Perry
Occasional Visitor

resizing blocks

I would like to resize blocks.


Specifically, their seems to be a lot of extra space at the top of the block.


I would like to scrunch the top and bottom "whitespace" in the first block or two so more

will appear in the preview pane and hopefully catch my clients attention before they dump it.

CTCT Employee

Re: resizing blocks

Updated: August 2017



I can help you with that.

There are a few things that may be causing extra white space in your block or email design and depending on what it is will depend on how to get rid of it.   A lot of times space is due to an extra return inserted that just needs to be deleted.  To see if this is the case put your cursor in the blank space and if you see your cursor blinking in the empty space then select the backspace or delete button and it should get rid of it.  

If you are using the 2GE editor then you can actually remove the space from the HTML of the block.

Click here to find the steps to Resize a block through the HTML code of the block. But instead of inserting the height code, remove it entirely. This will give the block its default height and help get rid of the extra space, see our FAQ here.


If you are working with our 3GE then we have the option to remove the padding from an image but not text.  To remove the padding from an image right-click on the image and select Padding.  Select "Image Padding" to increase the padding or deselect "Image Padding" to decrease it.  

Have a great weekend!

Thank you,
Marty K
Social Media Support
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Re: resizing blocks

I am having the same issue. There was no height in the HTML code to begin with, but I still have ALOT of "white space" above and below the logo in my text box that I cannot seem to get rid of. Am I doing something wrong?


Re: resizing blocks

Hi Dean,

Sorry to hear this is giving you trouble. I'm happy to take a look and explain what is happening for you. Can you let me know the name of the email you are working on? Also, please let me know I have permission to take a look in your account for this information. I won't work in your original email so no worries about losing any information!



Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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