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add the forward to a friend feature

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CTCT Employee

Hey all,


I wanted to chime in on this thread regarding the lack of Forward to a Friend in the third-generation editor. The simplest answer is that due to lack of usage in our previous editor (both our users inserting this link, and recipients using this link) we decided not to implement the feature. We also wanted to solve for cases where this feature was used as a workaround (such as getting around possible display issues), with other features or improvements to the editor. With our current editor being under active development, we want to focus on the latest and greatest features that will bring as much value as possible to our users. While I can understand that some users found this feature valuable, our plan is not to rebuild the second-generation editor, but rather to learn from its mistakes/successes to create a new, best-in-class editor.


To address some of the concerns around the lack of this feature:

  1. Display concerns: some folks like the peace of mind knowing that users can see a “clean-copy” of their email. As a work-around for this I would recommend including the recently released feature, “View as Webpage”. This will link to the web version of your email without any potential display issues, and it will not have any personal information of the original recipient.
  2. Referrals and new signups: we recommend including a link to a signup form within emails that you’re hoping will be referred along.
  3. Roadmap: we are currently developing a feature called “Social Share Bar” which will enable the ability for emails to be shared on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is on par with a feature in our second-generation editor; however we’ll be taking a slightly different approach to how this works and is placed within emails. The hope is that this feature will be another way to get emails shared on more channels and therefore attract more subscribers.


I love all the feedback I’ve been reading on the third-generation editor and the team is looking forward to continuing to deliver awesome new features into 2018. Stay tuned for some great new features coming out first thing in January!


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Re: Can I add a forward this email to a friend with the newer version of Constant Contact?

What I was hoping to do was have the forward feature lead to a sign up list here on Constant Contact.


ETA, A friend who had it on her Legacy account, said everything has changed, and not for the better. I guess she was forced to upgrade to the newer system.

CTCT Employee

Re: Can I add a forward this email to a friend with the newer version of Constant Contact?

Hey @RhondaH443,


Thank you for reaching out to us! That is a wonderful idea, I can understand why this would be very valuable in the new editor for you. I apologize that it is just a feature request at the moment, but ill pass your feedback over to the developer team! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.



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