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editing and navigating it isn't user-friendly. too many hours & no product

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Cannot copy and paste information into blocks

When building emails and newsletters, I notice you cannot copy and paste information into separate blocks. This is very inconvenient and seems like it would be an easy fix that would help with a lot of headache when editing.
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Re: Cannot copy and paste information into blocks

Hi @AlexisC99


I'm sorry to hear this. Are you having a difficulty copying and pasting from block to block? Or are you wanting to copy information from a block directly into another block in another email template? 


You should definitely be able to copy text and paste it into the blocks. If that's not working, please try clearing styles or add a new block. 


If you are wanting to automatically insert content from one block into another one, we do not have that feature available at this time. 

Hopefully that helps. Please let us know how else we can help further if I didn't answer your question.


Cut/ copy and paste doesn't work

I cannot copy from word into the block in constant contact.  Can someone help me.  I use to be able to copy and paste but it hasn't worked in several months.  I am using internet explorer with a PC.  Please help...  Not being able to copy and paste makes contant contact...  useless..

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Re: Cut/ copy and paste doesn't work

Don't use CUT use


Copy - Paste - Then delete.


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I am unable to paste from Word

I am unable to paste from Word
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Re: I am unable to paste from Word

Hello @GrahamS94


I tested copying text from Word into a Constant Contact email and was able to get the text to paste into my email.  Can you tell me what you are trying to paste from Word, is it just text or are there images too?  When you are copying are you using keyboard shortcuts?  If so are you using Cut or Copy?  


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