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how do i add my newsletter into my facebook page


how do i add my newsletter into my facebook page

how do I add my recent newsletter onto my facebook page.  Is it possible?
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Re: how do i add my newsletter into my facebook page

Hi Marianne,

After you have sent your newsletter, you can go to the Email Marketing tab > Click on the name of your recently sent email. That will take you to the Sent Email Summary Page. On the right, you will see a social button to share. You can click on that to show you Facebook. When you see the Facebook icon, you can then click on that to share it on your Facebook page.

This will post to your personal Facebook page. If you want to post to your Business Page, you would want to post first to your personal page, click on the link, copy the link out of the browser. Then go to your Business Page to add the link to it.

I hope that helps!
Marissa W.
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Re: how do i add my newsletter into my facebook page

I could not find anyplace on my constant contact page that allowed me to post to my page. I finally got there in a round about way and when I did it had only one of may pages and said it was "Authenticated" and could not find how to authenticate it and also.. my personal page was nowhere to be!


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Re: how do i add my newsletter into my facebook page

Hello Michele, 

You can connect more than one Facebook account's profile and/or fan or business pages with Simple Share. However, you can only add one Facebook account at a time. To connect your accounts and manage your connected accounts just follow the steps in this link

Thank you, 
Albert L. 

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Re: how do i add my newsletter into my facebook page

Hello there.I'm not sure you can really do that easily, at least not without posting it to your personal page first. I wouldn't recommend that. It's important to keep your personal and your professional lives separate online. You can link to the CC email archive, though, maybe using Notes or the Discussion Board apps on Facebook. I suppose you could build an app for it, if you had those skills, too.


Do you have a blog? That strikes me as the most logical place to post your emails.


Best, Margy Rydzynski

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Re: how do i add my newsletter into my facebook page

I agree that you can seperate out posting from your personal profile and your business page.  I click the Facebook button in Constant Contact just to grab the URL, then close the dialog, so that it won't post to my personal page.  I then use that link and post it directly on my business facebook page.  It has been working well for me.


You can see it here.

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Re: how do i add my newsletter into my facebook page

Margy is correct that you should keep your Business page separate from your personal profile page.


You have more control over the business page which reflects your professional image. You control the posts and comments; whereas on your personal profile wall, a visitor may see all your "friends" posts which do not necessarily reflect your business image or opinions.


Your business page can be customized with FBML code, display your blog feed, sign up form for your newsletter, link to your archives, and display your work. Even with it's limitations, custom Facebook pages can have a greater impact than some websites. All of my clients are strongly advised to have custom Facebook pages, and keep their personal profile pages separate.


Wishing you awesome and continuing success


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Re: how do i add my newsletter into my facebook page



It is possible! You can post your email campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using our Social Share feature! You can also share your email campaign manually by copying the short URL after the campaign is sent.


In our third-generation editor, it is also possible to have your recipients share the email on their social pages! Click here to learn more.

Nick S.
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