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how to access the email I'm working on..

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how to access the email I'm working on..

... without having to make a copy of it? Please give me the direct link. Furthermore, postal codes all over Europe are positioned like this: 1000 Brussels Neither: Brussels, 1000 nor, by cheating with the app: 1000, Brussels. Can you modify this for your European customers? Many thanks. Kind regards, Nick
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Re: how to access the email I'm working on..

Hi @NickP298


If your campaign is still in draft status then you can continue working on it by clicking the "Edit" option in the drop-down menu to the right of the campaign name, like you see here:



Once a campaign has been sent there's no way to edit it, at that time you would have to copy the campaign and edit the copy. 


I took a look at the "My Settings" page in your account and I saw what you meant about the address. That's a great suggestion, and I'd be happy to pass it along for you!



Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager