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inserting HTML code

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Re: Where to even start?

For what you are describing you simply need a one column template that you are basically going to gut.


Regarding your HTML question.  You'd need to know HTML or have some one code something up for you.  

One of my favorite sites is  Its got lots of great material and the courses I've taken were all top quality.

(shamless plug) If you require even more assistance that Constant Contact can give you my company offers custom training and consultation that includes desktop screen sharing to get you going even faster.

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Custom Code Email

You can use Constant Contact to send out your custom email designs as long as they are HTML or XHTML code.  This is a popular way for you to send through Constant Contact but use a corporate or custom template design.  At this time you, cannot send out custom autoresponder or welcome emails from your account.


Please note you will need to know HTML code in order to work with this type of design.


To create a custom email using your own code:

  1. Login to Constant Contact.
  2. Click Email > Create > “Want to use your own code” button on the left.
  3. Enter your Email name (internal only).
  4. Select HTML or XHTML.

Not sure which you are using? Check out this FAQ for more. 


  1.  Click “Advanced Editor” to use your own code.



  1. When you are done, click “Save and Return.”
  2. Edit the information in the message header.
  3. If you would like, click “Personalization” or “Next” to edit your greeting.
  4. Click “Message Footer” or “Next” to edit your address detail.
  5. Click “Save and Next” to schedule your email.

Don’t forget to check out these Tips for Working in the Advanced Editor.Tips for Working in the Advanced Editor.


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Bullet Point HELP PLEASE!

I'm trying to do a newsletter that contains two types of bullet points.  One is the solid bullet point.  The other is the circle bullet point.  For the circle bullet points I am using <ul> html code.  I cannot use <ul> code for the solid bullet points because it puts too much space between my bulleted points.  SO instead I opted to use &#8226; and/or &bull;.  In both instances as soon as I put in my bullet points in the html code view area and save and preview those solid bullet points immediately revert to asterisks!  How do I get around this?  I do NOT want asterisks I want bullet points!



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Parsing errors - ALL THE TIME!

I keep getting parsing errors which keeps me from saving my work.  I am not using odd characters or font, etc.  In some cases I am simply trying to use bullets form the system, in others I am duplicating exact code from a previous email which had no issues, but then a parsing error pops up.

It is ridiculously frustrating.
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Parsing errors - ALL THE TIME!

There are two FAQs related to parsing errors. They are 3270 and 2775. I would suggest you check these out to see if they help you solve the parsing problem. You can find the FAQs by clicking on the "Help & Support" tab near the top of this page, then click on the "Frequently Asked Questions" link and search by the FAQ number.

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Parsing errors - ALL THE TIME!

Before posting, I searched though previous posts to see if my issue could be resolved. I do not use skype. I do not have the paste with formatting box selected. None of the previous parsing posts are of help to me. That is why I have posted.

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Parsing errors - ALL THE TIME!

I take it your using XHTML? When you get an error message do you get a line number associated with it?

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Parsing errors - ALL THE TIME!

FAQs 3270 and 2775 are worthless and are of no help at all. I am still getting parsing errors. I copied and pasted my w3 validated strict XHTML code, my w3 validated CSS and still get errors. Yes, line numbers are noted in the error message - but of course the code lines are not numbered!)

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Parsing errors - ALL THE TIME!

The advanced editor user guide explains how to find the line numbers.

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Parsing errors - ALL THE TIME!

So I have to copy and paste my code someplace else.... not user friendly.