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Re: Bullet Point HELP PLEASE!

I'm seeing this issue as well, using "•" for bullet points as we want to color our bullets separately from the list text without using overly complex css that may or may not work in certain clients. 


The bullet inserts and shows up properly...until we save the mail...then...BOOM. Asterisk FTL.


Only 5 years and running to fix an issue with a single special character lol.

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Re: Bullet Point HELP PLEASE!

Anybody from CC care to speak up?

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Re: Bullet Point HELP PLEASE!

Hello @JeffR86526


I have passed your feedback along to our teams here.  This is not something that is being actively worked on at this time; however, we do let our product teams know about the requests for this ability.  


Re: Bullet Point HELP PLEASE!

Nearly 5 years later I am having the same issue. My solid bullets are converting to asterisks. Are you still working on it or did I miss the fix?

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Re: Bullet Point HELP PLEASE!

Hello @JoliB,


I have passed along the feedback once again to our development teams here. It is not a feature that we are currently working on; however, we do look at our customer’s feedback to roadmap what needs to be available for our customers.    

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Re: Is there a way to make em dashes and to get around quote marks becoming inch symbols?

Updated: October 2017



If you are using our 2G Editor then I would recommend that for the quotes issue, you enter it in the block using your keyboard and not going into the code and editing it there.  You should have no problems with inserting quotes, they will show as quotes.  The style of the quote you use will depend on what font you are using so if you want a different style of quotes then you can change the font type of just the quotes.  If you are comfortable going into the code and changing it, there are instructions on how to add this to the code if you prefer.


With our 3GE users, there is currently only one quote style and no way to change it but we can share your feedback with the developers.   


To make an em-dash in your 2GE email you can insert it as an image or use the code view option to insert it into the code.  This is the code you will want to use if you are inserting it into the HTML:  Just go into the HTML code and add the following where you want it to appear: <span style="letter-spacing: -2px;">----</span>


This topic is blocked and no future comments can be made. Since the time that the original questions came up, we have made many changes to our product to improve the experience when editing your campaign. We ask that for any further questions around editing/inserting HTML, please create a new post in the Community so that we can help you on the different questions/issues that come up with editing HTML code. You can start a new message by clicking this link. (*This does require you to be logged in to your account)


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