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Is there any possible to set up a commonly used format in an email?

We are having MAJOR issues copying and pasting letters and emails from Word into Constant Contact's backwards form.  Esspecially when it comes to bullet points or anything abnormal, it seems that no matter what we do, we can't seem to solve indentation issues or spacing issues.

It's extremely frustrating and based on this fact alone, we will most likely be looking for a new email marketing company when our contract is up if we can't figure out an efficient way to do this.
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Is there any possible to set up a commonly used format in an email?

I've never known the editor to be completely plug and play with Word. My clients can't believe how much time I spend tweaking things like bullets and indentations and even things as simple as font selections. Try billing a client for that time. I now import it, remove all formatting and use the editor to reapply it. Yeah, seems like a waste of time, but its the fastest way for some projects and it keeps the time down when someone else is paying. The new editor still has a little black science to it, but overall its pretty easy to use for starting projects. Regards, Tony

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Is there any possible to set up a commonly used format in an email?

I read your question again. Are you asking about a custom template?

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Is there any possible to set up a commonly used format in an email?

I use Evernote to organize the content of my emails, and I frequently run into problems. The best option is to go with plain, unformatted text and then format it once you copy it into CC. I use Evernote in Chrome which lets me remove formatting automatically when I paste by hitting CRTL+SHIFT+V.

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Chat Transcript for Live Chat with Ellen Regarding Color in Your Email - April 21, 2011

If you missed Ellen's Live Chat with us today, here is a Transcript of how it went.  Thanks to everyone that participated!  If you didn't make it, you can stop by Friday morning at 11am for her next Live Chat!


RosalindM.: We'll get started in a few minutes. Hopefully we'll have some great questions and an interesting conversation. Talk at 3!


RosalindM.: Welcome to our chat! We'll be starting in a few minutes.


ebrezniak: Hello all, Ellen Brezniak here...and just delighted to be chatting you today.


MariaS13: Hello and glad to be here


ebrezniak: Quick reminder, I run product strategy here at constant contact and am the person in the video recently posted to the community that talked about picking colors for your emails


DellaR: Thanks for the tip re Color Cop and Hex Picker.... can you remind me when this feature will be part of Constant Contact?


ebrezniak: Happy to, an integrated color picker - much like one you see in PowerPoint - will be available in our editor the week after next - May 2


ArthurD3: I am fairly new to constant contact, when I went to change the color of a box the outline of the box did not change is there a way to change the outline also or is it best to stay with the colors in the template?


Heidster: Hi Ellen- saw this question on the board and wonder what you think. Sue Moore of the Waukesha Public Library asked: I really struggle with putting graphics into my newsletter especially if I have to resize them or move them around etc. Is there a simpler way to do this? If I drag/move the picture once it's in the text table everything gets out of wack. I don't know any coding so would appreciate any help answers in plain old text.


ebrezniak: First - a quick answer to Arthur - you might need to change the color via the Global Colors and Fonts capability on the left-hand side of the email editor. That is where you can change the border colors for a block


ebrezniak: now for Sue Moore's question - first let's tackle the resizing part of it. The most reliable way to resize an image is to insert it into the block and right-click on it and select the resize option in the menu.


ebrezniak: to move an image in your email - all you need to do these days is drag and drop it. depending on how long you have been using our service, you may not realize you can now drag and drop. we added this capability earlier this year


Heidster: That is one of the features, the drag and drop, I use every day. It rocks.


Jarrad_M: How do I change the color of my links?


Jarrad_M: I get that question all the time in Support!


ebrezniak: You right-click on the inserted link and select "change" from the drop down menu. A window will pop-up select the color that you want and hit insert.


Jarrad_M: Thanks Ellen, I hope that helped out some of our chatters


ebrezniak: Here is an interesting post - CoreyC4 said: I do have a request for something I would like added-- selections for symbols, such as you would get with the font, "Webdings". Right now I'm severely limited to 'diamonds' for bullets, and have no other viable selections for the 'artistic' inserts possible a font of that type. Is there a source, like Color Cop, that symbols can be chosen from?


ebrezniak: There are two ways to address this...first, you can always cut and paste any symbol from Word into a block. That problem is that it does not bring the "bulleted list" behavior I think you want to have; meaning it will not indent and align the text.


Heidster: I know it is important to match the colors of my emails to my website but what do you think about matching your Twitter background and Facebook page as well?


ebrezniak: The other way to get different bullet styles is to go into the advanced editor and change the html. This is definitely a more challenging tactic, but one that works. We don't know of any tool, like ColorCop, to help with symbols. Any other suggestions from folks online?


RosalindM.: Glad to have you join John                        


ebrezniak: To Heidster matching twitter and FB pages - that's a personal choice. Brand reinforcement is always smart. But, making sure your band works for the communication channel matters as well.


johnk44: A big problem is spacing of text lines. Sometimes I get more space than I want, and sometimes I do not get enough. I often have to go to the html text editor to correct the spacing.


ebrezniak: Matching twitter and fb pages - that's a personal choice. Brand reinforcement is always smart...and hopefully makes you more recognizable. You also need to consider how your brand works for a given communication channel. do your colors look good on twitter? Try and see it. The good news - you can always change it


CarolP8: Will we b able to print this whole chat?


RosalindM.: We're working on getting a transcript


johnk44: Sometimes I find preset items in the template that do not have options for color changes.


ebrezniak: Hey johnk44 - great question. One trick you might want to try is instead of hit return/enter for a line space, hold down shift and hit return. That is called a soft return and seems to be better handled by the editor - it gets more predictable results. And you should always feel free to to call support and ask for help.


ebrezniak: on the preset options in templates - that is indeed the case. not all elements in a template can be changed. Sorry about that, it was a design decision made during the creation of the specific template. We are doing this less often. One other idea is to use our very cool new template picker and find a new template really quickly and easily and start with that instead of the one that is not as flexible.


johnk44: Spacing is bullet lists is often a big problem. There is often extra space before and after the bullet list, and the space between the bullet points is usually too large. I usually can correct this by going to the html text editor, but that does make extra work.


ebrezniak: hi john - i hear you. Bulleted lists are tricky and we continue to try and what is happening. This is especially tricky if you are cutting and pasting that bulleted list from word....web editors definitely like to add those extra spaces.


johnk44: Another issue I have with bullet lists is indenting. If I have a graphic to the left a bullet list, the bullets will sometimes overlap the graphics, no matter how I specify the graphic placement and bullet indent.


ebrezniak: . My suggestion is that you add a caption to the image and just remove the default caption text. What this does is frames the images into a table and that often will prevent the bulleted text from overlapping. if this doesn't work, give support a call


johnk44: This is on a different issue. To remove bounces from an address list, I have to download the bounce addresses and then use the remove data using an upload of the downloaded bounce list. Are you developing an easier way to remove bounces from an address list?


johnk44: Thanks for the answer on overlapping.


GLOBALTALK: I second the motion to make it easy to purge our lists for those who bounce and those who do not open our emails over a period of time.


ebrezniak: Earlier this year we did make it easier to remove bounces...all you have to do is click on the bounce number in the report and when you get to the manage bounces page you simply check what category you want to remove and hit the remove button at the bottom of that box


johnk44: A tool will allows one list to specify which address should be removed from


GLOBALTALK: Sometimes bounces are just an aberration and not invalid addresses. How can we "select" or "filter" the bounce list?


ebrezniak: It is harder to remove addresses that do not open as it is less obvious what should be done. We do have a great FAQ - 1798 that gives you some excellent advice.


GLOBALTALK: Thanks. I'll check it.


johnk44: A tool that would remove addresses specified in one list from another list would be very useful. Actually a set of boolian tools for lists would be a big help in creating specialized lists.


MelissaL9: We are looking to change our format. Is there any easy way to do so?


MelissaL9: We have two schools and a congregation and would like each to have their own backgrounds


ebrezniak: MelissaL9 - do you mean change the layout of the template or the background colors?


MelissaL9: both actually


MelissaL9: I tried using the school one but they only had three options for color blocks


ebrezniak: Heidster will help you Melissa....and my chat time has run out. I'll be back online to chat again tomorrow. This has been really interesting and some great questions. We'll be following up with blog posts on some of the topics raised here as we are sure others have the same questions. Thanks for helping kick off our first Community chat!


MelissaL9: Thanks!


GLOBALTALK: Thank you.


johnk44: Thanks


Heidster: Hi MelissaL9- great questions and there are two parts to your answer. First on the background colors; I suggest picking a template layout that will work for your content needs. Use the Global colors and fonts and change it to one of the school colors. Then hit the copy function and will keep your changes on the layout but let you change the color to what you want. You can set yourself up 3 templates for each of your schools and congregations.


Heidster: The second part you ask about is the format. Most often people are talking about images that are associated with the template they picked. These images can be changed to anything you want. Feel free and upload your own images or pick from the thousands of images found in the image library. This way each of the schools and congregation will have their own unique look to their email messages.


RosalindM.: Thanks Heidster! Thanks all. See you tomorrow or around the Community.

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Formatting text on Homepage

I dont' seem to be able to get the script to be single-spaced.  Have tried pasting in my word copy but the only time text is single spaced is if it is a bulletted or numbered.  And I don't find any "clear format" option for the Homepage blocks.

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Re: Formatting text on Homepage

try shift enter instead of just enter... i think it is an html thing.

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Re: Bullet Point HELP PLEASE!



This is a known problem that we are working on. I've submitted a request for you to be updated when this is resolved.






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Re: Bullet Point HELP PLEASE!

Is there an update for this?

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Re: Bullet Point HELP PLEASE!



That issue is still open. I'm going to have them add you to the list of users to be updated when it's fixed. In the meantime, you could try · as a workaround.


I hope this helps,


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