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inserting HTML code

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inserting HTML code


I want to insert some HTML code into the coupon section of the email under design.

Can't see how to do it- a real newbie question for which I apologise in advance!

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Help with XHTML

I have been trying to add my html code from Dreamweaver to insert my image with it's links into the editor and I keep getting error messages but it doesn't tell me what is wrong!
Can someone please help! This happens everytime I want to send an email promo & I am going to scream! :-)
Here is the code tha I put in below the Custom Block code:

<table width="720" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
    <td><img src="" alt="Wear My Art Tees!" width="800" height="700" border="0" usemap="#Map" longdesc=""></td>

<map name="Map">
  <area shape="rect" coords="2,2,799,698" href="" alt="Wear My Art Tees! Uniques t-shirts and gifts">
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Help with XHTML

Check FAQ 2783:

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Graphics in HTML

I am trying to import my own HTML template - which works for all the text and fields but - I have uploaded the 5 praphics to Constant Contact used in my HTML - but when I preview the graphics dont show (get that little red X thing - any clues?

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Graphics in HTML

Yes, you will need to re-insert your graphics from the CC graphics system (undoubtedly your HTML is set to use the graphics from a local directory). You should also check FAQ 1984 for more information.

Tracking img causing gap at top of html emails

We are building a custom html email and have pasted the code into the advanced editor section.

When we send out a test email, the top of the email actually begins about 1 inch down from the top when viewed in Outlook.

That 1 inch gap at the top is caused by Constant Contact's automatic insertion of a tracking image - an image that when the recipient opens the email, it is recorded at Constant Contact.

Here is the code for your reference of that code that is auto-inserted by CC when the email is sent:

<img alt=" " height="1" src="" width="1"/>

Is there a way to tell CC NOT to insert this code? It is breaking our html email.

Or perhaps it can be configured to instead insert it at the very bottom of the email?

Anyone else run into this? Any solutions?

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Tracking img causing gap at top of html emails

Hi, I'm no wizard at HTML and I was very furstrated with what both CC and outlook do to HTMl e-mails so I simplified: I do my layout in Adobe illustrator, export to 3-5 big jpegs, and stack them on top of each other. Problem solved! paste below to see what I'm talking about: This is by no means a "pro" solution, but it has really simplified and streamlined my e-mailing process. Best yet, the power of a graphics program is lightyears beyond the CSS/html that I can barely grasp. Cheers, Andrew

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Tracking img causing gap at top of html emails

Andrew, Have you tested what your newsletter looks like in a variety of email clients like Outlook, hotmail or gmail? I did some testing a while ago with graphic only options and found more that 50% couldn't even be seen because clients were blocking the graphics or assuming that graphic only payloads were SPAM. In response to the original poster, I can't see why the 1x1 pixel is moving the page down one entire inch. That function can't be removed as it is critical to the statistics gathering function of CC.

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Link to external style sheet

I used my own html and want to link a css file. I used an absolute path but it does not show the styles in a test email. Am I missing something?
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Link to external style sheet

OK, after more searching I found an answer. Internal or inline styles.