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inserting HTML code


Re: Chaging table height using <TD> tag

Have you considered using a <hr /> horizontal rule in your code? Drop it into HTML view wherever you want the line. I think (haven't tried it, though) that you could use inline styles to modify or recolor the line.


If you have a website and server access, you can store additional images on your own server and put the path to the image in the insert-image box. That's what I do, and it works great! I only use Constant Contact's image hosting for buttons, logos and things I use over and over.



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Re: Changing table height using <TD> tag

Brian, I got the impression you are trying to create space between two blocks.  My insertion technique does that.


You can also simply insert the horizontal graphic in the same block with your text and not use any addition blocks at all.  I guess without seeing an example I'm doing a bad job visualizing your dilemma.



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How to import own HTML document????



I would like to send out my own html document with CC but cannot see any option... Can anybody guide me?

Regards from Spain

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How to insert an image into custom CC html email?

Hi Guys,

I apologize in advance if this has been asked before: I am not interested in using CC's templates.  I simply want to insert an image that links to my website in as the body of email (along with the default CC coding in the footer).  I have the image uploaded to my account, but can't find a simple way to insert it into a custom/blank email.  Is there a generic code i can paste in?

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How to insert an image into custom CC html email?

Creating your own emails requires a knowledge of HTML. Inserting an image is standard HTML. Unfortunately HTML cannot be posted here. I have posted it here.

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How to insert an image into custom CC html email?

If you uploaded the graphic to your library, go to your library and select the graphic you wish to use from the "Image Name" column. It will show in a small graphic representation in the right. Right click the little graphic and select properties. A small window will open, look for the line that says " Location", it will look like this That is the link code to your image in the CC library. Putting that code in a graphic link will render the image directly from the CC site. Hope that helps.

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Custom Templates

Is there a way that i can create my own custom template?
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Custom Templates

No. The closest you can come is to create it in HTML/XTML and copy it from revision to revision. You would also need to populate it outside of CC using your choice of HTML editors. The only folks that can make a permanent template is CC and it doesn't come cheaply for most budgets..

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Custom Templates

Hey Tony, any idea what CC charges for a custom template.

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Custom Templates

$399 - $599 =0