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inserting HTML code

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How Do I upload HTML file with styles?

Ibuilt an email in HTML and have included it in the same folder as the images and styles and have saved it as a .zip file. Am I able to uoload the .zip file into Constant Contact or do I have to build it with in-line styles??

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Re: How Do I upload HTML file with styles?



Thank you for your post. 


While we don't allow .zip files to be uploaded into your account, depending on the custom code you have built, you may be able to simply create a custom code email.  Click here to learn more about the process when using our advanced editor.


I hope this helps! If you need assistance with this process or if you have additional questions, please call our support team directly so we can better assist you.


(866) 289-2101. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm ET, Friday 7am-9pm ET,  Saturday & Sunday 10am-8pm ET.


Thank you for your time.




Troy Sparks

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How-to Create a Custom Coded Email

Sometimes there may be a need for some further personalization of your email campaigns. Some of you may know already how to code your own emails or perhaps your graphic designer has passed along a code to you for a flyer of your upcoming promotion and has told you to send it out. Whatever the case is, if you ever need to use your own custom code for an email blast, this video will show you how to do it in a few easy steps. Check it out and follow along with your HTML or XHTML code!


How_To_Create_Custom_Coded_Email_Picture with play button.png

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Re: How-to Create a Custom Coded Email

All looks good.  


Can you tell me any limitations this import has when it comes to HTML?  For example I have an email I need to send out that he wants me to grab the HTML from a .php page extension, and I can't get any of the images to show up, etc.



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Re: How-to Create a Custom Coded Email

Hey MattB76,


Great questions.


I looked at that code for awhile, and from what I can tell, the reason the images are not appearing is because their sources are relative. You'd have to upload your photos into Constant Contact so that the code will know the source for which to pull the photos. Also, your style sheet would need to be brought in and Java script is not supported by Constant Contact. So, unfortunately there are restrictions with this with Java and just copying the source code into the editor won't translate completely without some tweaking to the basic elements. But great, great questions and thank you for your response to this.


I hope that clears things up for you so you know which direction to begin. 

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Re: How-to Create a Custom Coded Email

Thank you, this all makes sense

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Re: How-to Create a Custom Coded Email

Great Matt!


Glad to hear it was helpful to you. = )



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Where to even start?



I'm curious as to where to begin with doing a custom email newsletter via HTML. I don't know enough to start from scratch but I do know enough to find out how to make changes and make adjustments. We've been just using the templates for a few months now but the need now is do something more custom. My aim is really to do a great deal through InDesign and just export solid images to use, so I really just want to be able to insert images rather than do all the editing in HTML.


Is there any advice to be had on this matter? Or can I be pointed in a direction that would be helpful?


Thanks so much,


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Re: Where to even start?

If that's your plan, you simply need to treat this as a normal image.

Use regular content blocks and delete the content and insert your image.

I'd consider a 700 pixel wide image and include text at the very top of your email as images will be disabled in many email clients by default.


The decision to go the image approach should be considered after you have established that the folks receiving your message are engaged and will take the extra step to allow your images to be viewed.


You should also test your projects in as many email clients and devices as they will be viewed in, to see what your readers will see. The CTCT previewer is not a dependable way to ensure this.


Outlook for one will NOT allow images to be viewed without the viewer taking an action.

There are other tricks to be aware of,  but that's the basic approach to get you going.


Tony Schaefer
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Re: Where to even start?

Thank you for the advice. The hardest part was and is finding a template that is friendly towards an image-heavy email. The parameters seem to sometimes mess with whether or not the image is centered, etc.


If I were to further dwelve into the HTML side of things, where's a good place to start?