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inserting HTML code

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Re: "Special" character coding

One tip that has saved me a lot of time: if you have to make changes after saving, you can duplicate the text box and the duplicated box will have converted all the special characters back to the HTML. This is illogical, but it works.


Why they haven't made fixing this a priority is beyond me. FWIW, my routine is to edit my newsletter in Word, then use an online character converter (, copy the generated text to TextEdit (because for some reason CC messes up the text if I bring it in directly from the converter), then copy it from TextEdit into the CC template.

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Re: "Special" character coding

Hi everyone.


Thank you so much for continuing to post in the community. I definitely understand that using special characters in your email body is very important to you. Unfortunately this is something that we still do not have support for. Right now there are too many email clients that do not support special characters. This is definitely something that we'd love to add in the future but as of right now this functionality is just not supported...


I am so sorry about that.


The best thing to do with something like this is to leave your feedback in our Email Feedback area. If enough customers vote it up and give specific feedback on what they'd like to see, I'm sure the engineers would love to add something like this to our product. 



Melissa M
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Re: "Special" character coding

This is wrong Mellissa! It is NOT these email systems having trouble with these characters. It is YOUR system which we are paying a premium price for,


None of these email systems would allow such critical communication issues as smart guotes amd elipses go on without addressing it for years.


It is your system that is the problem! When you change my code and add all those "special" featuress like tracking bits and unsubscrice code at the bottom, you make are creating the problem which does not exist if I send the code directly to those email clients outside of your system!






OR refund my money I paid for this "premuim" product. (This what your folks told me your product was when I complained about the last huge price increase. I was told you had added so many new features. FIX THE BUGS INSTEAD!) 

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Re: "Special" character coding

Hello @BobK894 , 


We do have some stricter requirements with the code that we allow within our system.  I can understand how this would be frustrating, by not allowing you an ease of use by copy and paste or utilizing the punctuation/characters that you would like.  


Since this post originated in 2012, we have made some updates on how to pass this type of request along.  These types of suggestions and ideas are now compiled within the Feedback section of the Community.  This area is where our teams go to find what our customers are looking for.  I would suggest that you add a vote to this idea here, as it was already submitted to feedback.  The more votes that a topic gets, the more likely it is to be implemented in the future so make sure to vote for this and any other suggestions that you would like to see implemented.  


In regard to your statement about refunds, Constant Contact has a no refund policy; however, you can discuss this with our billing department if you would like to.  Their contact information is available here


Due to the age of this post, it is being archived. Content is saved for education; however, it will not be updated with new links or images. If you need additional information please create a new post/message or submit suggestions and ideas to our feedback area.   


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Re: "Special" character coding

I agree, I am getting complaints from my subscriber customers that we need to get a competant editor. Some have stoped their subscriptions saying no thanks to our "poor editing"


Like you I am shocked to see that this issue is YEARS old and has not been fixed. I am tired of looking bad thanks to Constant Contact and paying thousands of dollas a year to do so. If tec support is not able to fix this problems with their system, I will change to someone else and pay half the price.


Even if others have a similar problem, why not pay half as much to look incompetant to my readers! 

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Re: "Special" character coding

If your system can not take these characters it is useless. I am having the same problem. It is not an issue with any emal system not interpreting these correctly as I was told by your tec support today. The problem is the way you are wrapping the text with your tracking bits and the unsubscribe code that displays at the bottom. Your folks told me that it was my code but I can send the code directly without going through your system and all email systems, hotmail, yahoo, gmail and aol all display the text correctly. So it IS your system and features I am paying the highest rates in the industry for that are causing this problem.


And telling us not to use them is NOT the answer!


I already have to take out all instances where my writers use ...  (3 periods that your system interprets as elipses). That is commonly used by many of my writers and writers all over the world.


Plus any photos that have an ampersand "&" in their file names do not display in your preview system.


What next, no capital letters? Geez, fix it already or start charging less for this buggy product!


All the wizbang features are useless it you can not use the product for basic communication!

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Standard HTML characters not supported

I'm a new Constant Contact user and am surprised to discover that the HTML editor does not recognize/support a couple of standard HTML characters that I like to use in newsletters: the "em dash" and the "en dash" (— and – ).  


When I enter these character codes (or the numeric versions) in the HTML editor and hit "Update", I end up with just a plain hyphen "-".  


I called support and they did not have a work around.


This seems like a very simple problem to remedy, and one that other users must have experienced - either with dashes or with other common special characters.


Does anyone have a work around (other than pasting in a image file(!))?  Also, how to we let the powers that be know that Constant Contact's editor should support a reasonably full HTML character set?




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Dividing the list by subscriber preference

I have a large list and do joint emailings for two different (but related) businesses. I'd like to poll subscribers as to whether they'd like to be on only one, or the other, or both. How can I do this?
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Dividing the list by subscriber preference

Make two lists, one for each business. Be sure they both are on the signup form. You can look in Contacts, Manage Contacts and click on List Properties. It will tell you if they are on the signup form and if not you can put them on.

Now when they sign up or use the Update Profile link at the bottom of every email they can manage their own subscription, choosing either, or both, or none.

You can send to your list and ask them to update their profile and select the list or lists they want to be on.


Seriously? XHTML won't keep?

For as much as CC charges you would think think they could have a decent wizard.. even when you view the XHTML and update it manually - you click save it is all messed up.
how about an UNDO? Like any other WYSIWYG program?
Seriously thinking of leaving CC - the constant Improvements just don't add up to $60 bucks a month.