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just received newsletter and photos/copy are out of line in one of the articles

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Pic/content blocks not properly displaying in email

In my preview of my newsletter, everything looks perfect but then when I send a test email to myself, the formatting is all messed up. I can't figure out how to fix it and I don't want to have to re-do all the work I have put into it already.
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Re: Pic/content blocks not properly displaying in email

Hello @Keli-AnnP


I took a look at your account and it seems like you reached out to our Support Team for assistance with this.  Display issues like the one you described have many different causes, like templates, spacing, layout, and more.  If you still need assistance with this, please let us know.  We would need to know the email client(s) you tested to where it does not appear like it should (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) a well as the email name within your account.  



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Test email showing wide margins or padding.



I am trying to send out an email. Every time I test send the email does not work correctly as it is on constant contact. I am using outlook 2013. But it has a similar problem with gmail.


For some reason it gives too much margin or padding. I tried to locate the css style but none works when I try to add margin of 0 or padding of 0. even giving it a fix width doesn't work. And the header and the footer doesnt lock with the body. So the header and footer view correctly but not the body.


Which css should i be looking for and what style should i use? It seems like if there is a missing div tag in the back end to tie the width or size together. Cause in the email template you cannot change the footer size or with but thats the one that works correctly. 


Here is an image of the wide space left and right of the content or body. 



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Campaign email editor

The campaign email editor doesn't work as smoothly as it should. The view is all out of place. The size doesn't scale. It shows one way then when you email it shows another way. It is easy to add and edit text and image but it is extremely difficult to change the size of the layout. as you are working and previewing the page never shows in a full page it cuts off the rest of the email and you have to scroll to see left or right. And the Style Sheet. they might be labeled but still hard to determine what is what or where it is used.
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Re: Campaign email editor

Hello @GloriaC12


I have been taking a look at your account, and set up a test template (it is our standard template) in your account called "CTCT Test." Can you try testing this to your email address and see if the same thing is happening where there is a large space on the left and right side of the template please? Let me know how that test goes and if it is the same or appears like the template does in Constant Contact.  Also, in the test email you provided screenshots for prior, can you tell me do you see the border from the email on the left and right sides at all?