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undo adding contacts

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undo adding contacts

is there a way to undo a list of contacts that were just uploaded?
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Re: undo adding contacts

HI @AaronG864

There isn't a way to undo an import but there might be a way to remove the contacts depending on the situation. How were they uploaded--via file? If so, upload the file again into a brand new list. Click into that list, select all the contacts and click "Manage Lists" > "Remove From Lists" and check the lists you uploaded the contacts to by accident. 


If you didn't upload via file it would be bit trickier but you could export all of your contacts (including the Advanced Info), open the file and sort by "added date" to the date you did the accidental upload. These are the contacts you will want to remove. If its a lot of contacts you can always add them back to the account in a new list as mentioned above. 



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