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1 contact two lists


1 contact two lists

if I have two lists on my account: commercial and residential

and a contact is on both lists

will they get 2 emails if I choose to send a campaign to both lists?

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Multiple Lists

I have multiple lists and there is a possability that a single person may be on a couple different lists. Does anyone know if I decide to send a newsletter to more than one list if a person will receive it multiple times?
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Multiple Lists

No matter how many lists a contact is on, only one email is sent. The contact will not receive it multiple times.

cathif wrote:
I have multiple lists and there is a possability that a single person may be on a couple different lists. Does anyone know if I decide to send a newsletter to more than one list if a person will receive it multiple times?
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Multiple Lists

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Multiple Lists

I only sent an email to one list initially, now I realize it wasn't my most updated list and want to send it out again. I assume in this situation, the person would get it a second time, right?

But what I'd really like to know is how to merge lists. Both lists are from my customer data base and there's a lot of overlap. But I do regularly add and subtract from the source data, so I want to keep all the "subtracted" people on the Constant Contact list, but still ADD my new contacts.
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Multiple Lists

Yes, if you send to one list, then later send to a second list, a person on both will get it twice.

When you upload, you can upload to an existing list, or two lists.

For example, on Monday we add all our customers from the weekend to a list of customers for that weekend. We also upload them to our regular list and most are already on the regular list, so it just adds the few that are not.

On Monday we send an email to that weekends customers, then we delete that list. They are not deleted from our regular list.
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Re: 1 contact two lists

Hello Janice, 


If you are scheduling the campaign to go out to the 2 lists at the same time your contact will only receive 1 copy of the campaign.  There are a couple of ways that someone might get 2 copies, just so you are aware, here they are: 

   - If you schedule the campaign to go out to each list separately (this would mean 2 campaigns).  In this instance because there are 2 different emails going at 2 different times, if someone is on both lists, they would get 2 copies.  

   - If you have 2 separate contacts with the same email address, essentially a duplicate contact, then they could get the campaign twice.  Please note that this is a rare occurrence to have duplicate contacts.  This cannot be done when importing a file of contacts or using the option to Add Names and Emails.  If you want to check if you have duplicates you can export your contacts.  


Hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any questions.  



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Duplicate Emails



I must have email addresses on multiple lists for the campaigns I send out and individuals are receiveing two emails.


I was under the impression that even if an individual were to be on two different lists, they would only receive the email once as Constant Contact removed duplicated in the sending process.


Could you please clarify what is going on with this? Going through and removing duplicate emails myself would take way yoo long.




Re: Duplicate Emails

Hello @TraciP1. I see that you were able to chat with our Support team about this issue shortly after posting here and we were able to find a resolution for you. Was there anything else that we could assist you with? 

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Re: Duplicate Emails

What was the answer? It was not helpful that the answer was not given.

I was under the assumption that CC scrubbed the list so that in one campaign it would not allow for one email address to receive two emails....

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