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Can I add new readers to a campaign after publication?

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Can I add new readers to a campaign after publication?

I forgot to add a few email addresses to my campaign. Can I add these readers after I have already sent the campaign?

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Re: Can I add new readers to a campaign after publication?

Hi Wendy!


I am happy to help you out with this. You can definitely add new names and then re-send the campaign to them. There are two ways to do this. If the contacts were not in your account on the time of send, you can add them and then use the Re-send feature to re-send to new contacts since the mailing last went out. 


If the contacts were already in your account, but not on the list that you'd sent to originally, you can do a Quick Send for those contacts.


If you need help with anything else please let me us know!

Melissa M
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I sent my first Campaign a couple of weeks ago.


As I look at the analysis of the campaign I notice the option to "Resend".


My question is, does that resend only to those that did not open the first time or will it resend to the entire list again.


It seems that I would only want to "Resend" to those that have not already opened, otherwise recipients might be aggrivated by the duplication.



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Re: Resend

Hello @TomB077 , 


The Resend feature gives you 2 options: 

  • Resend to new contacts - this will send to new contacts added to the list(s) that you had originally sent the campaign to.  
  • Resend to copy/pasted contacts - you can paste up to 25 contacts into a field to send the email to them 

If you wish to resend the email to contacts who did not open your email during the first send, you would have to Copy the Campaign and send to a list of contacts.  (You can make your Did Not Opens a list).  This is something that we like to add a note of caution too.  There is the possibility that there are contacts who opened your email that we were unable to track.  While we think that this number is small, there is the possibility of someone getting the email if they opened the first one.  To find out more about how we track opens, take a look here



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You don't have the option I need.

I want to resend an email to the same group to whom I sent it before. No changes - everything's the same. But there is no option to resend to the original group without resaving the email as something different. I don't have any new addresses to add, I just want to resend it exactly as I did two weeks ago, but there is no option for that.
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Re: You don't have the option I need.




Hannah M.
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Sending an Existing Campaign to NEW Contacts-ONLY

I am new to this program, I am thinking this should be easy, but how to I use and existing campaign that my boss has done but send it out to only a specific list or new contacts?


Thanks-  Kris

CTCT Employee

Re: Sending an Existing Campaign to NEW Contacts-ONLY

Hello @MarcS489 


It sounds like you're looking to copy a previously sent campaign and send it to a new list. First you will want to click on the Campaigns tab to the left. When you see the campaign you want to copy, click the Action button on the right side and choose Copy. This will bring you directly into the editor to make changes if they are necessary. Here is our FAQ with directions as well. 


Once you are ready to send, click the Continue button on the top right. This will then bring you to the scheduling page where you can select an Email List or Add Contacts. 


I hope this helps!

Amber Royal
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Resending an email

If I wanted to resend a campaign/email, how so I add more email list it?? It only allows me to type new emails. Thank you


Re: Resending an email

Hi @DJ_George


Great question!


There are a few different ways that you can resend an email. If you're attempting to send it to an entirely new list then the easiest way would be to copy the campaign and send it to your new list(s). You can find the steps to do so in this article. The resend button works best for re-sending a campaign to new contacts, or contacts added to your original send list since the orignal send date. 


I hope the information in that article helps, but please let us know if you have other questions.



Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager