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Can anyone decifer this error message?


Can anyone decifer this error message?

You gotta love error messages like this.


I save a text box in my newsletter and get the attached message, which says, "Your changes cannot be saved. Your text contains the following invalid characters:"


Unsupported characters.png


Yet, no characters are displayed.


So, after a period of cutting and pasting individual stories into the text box, I determine which story has the "invalid characters."  It's in this text:



Camping reservations available through mid-September

(March 13, 2014) — The online reservation system for Michigan state parks and harbors is accepting reservations through mid-September.




Anyone have a guess as to which number or letter of the alphabet was unsupported?

CTCT Employee

Re: Can anyone decifer this error message?

UPDATED: July 2018


Sorry you're having that issue. I've seen it happen before when trying to copy and paste from another document or source. It's bringing in problematic formatting from your copied text, an element that may not be directly tied to an alpha character.


The most straightforward solution is to delete that text segment from the block and manually type in and reformat the text to match the text above and below. You can also follow the steps in this article from our Help Center. I hope this gets you past that error.

Mike Pulley
Customer Engagement Specialist

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Re: Can anyone decifer this error message?

I understand that, Mike.  But, when were are talking about dozens of segments in a text box, the fact that your system doesn't provide any hint as to where the problem is, that makes it difficult to zero in on the offending text in order for it to be rewritten and reformatted.


Sometimes, your system will identify the sentence in which it can't read a character, which makes it much easier to engage in problem solving.


But, when your system doesn't offer any hint at all and simply returns a blank error message, that's the type of thing that adds to my aggrevation of working with Constant Contact. And that is yet another issue in which your developers should be able to make it easier for customers to use the service.


Perhaps an error message like this:


Ooops, there is something in this section of text that our system can't identifiy.


"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country."


It may be a hidden character in the code. We recommend retyping that paragraph.