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Does not explain how to make lists, add contacts and create campaigns its not easy to use

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Does not explain how to make lists, add contacts and create campaigns its not easy to use

Not easy to use
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Re: Does not explain how to make lists, add contacts and create campaigns its not easy to use

Hello @VikB5


I am sorry that you are having trouble getting started with your account.  We do have some tutorials listed here that might be helpful to you.  Also, make sure to take a look at our Webinars for this week, as there are often getting started webinars to help you get acquainted with your account.  Throughout your trial you also have access to your coach who can help get you acquainted with your account.  If you have not received an email from them yet, you should be receiving one soon from them.  You can also reach out to our Support team here when you have some time to ask any questions and get a walkthrough.  


Here are some steps for the 3 actions that you mentioned: 

Making a List: 

  • Click Contacts down the left hand side of the page in the toolbar
  • Next to the toolbar that runs down the page you should see a side menu with Email Lists and a + sign.  If you click the + sign you can create a new list.  (You can also create new lists when adding contacts). 

Add Contacts: 

  • From the Contacts tab down the left hand side, click to Add Contacts.  
  • Choose the method you would like to add contacts:  Add a contact (adding 1 at a time), add multiple contacts (by copy/paste or typing in multiple contacts at once), add from file (.xls, .xlsx, .csv or .txt files accepted)
  • Follow through the steps to Continue, select the list(s) and tag(s) for the contacts and then click Import

Create a Campaign: 

  • From the Campaigns tab down the left hand side, click to Create a Campaign. 
  • You should then be able select the type of campaign that you want to create - Send an Email, Automate your Emails, Create a Coupon, Grow Facebook Fans, Collect Event Registrations, Create a Survey or Collect Donations.  
  • Once you select a campaign type you are brought to choose a template (for most campaigns).  You can then edit the fields or click to edit content.  
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Contact Management and List Building Tools

what is the "Contact Management and List Building Tools" portion, and how does it work?

Re: Contact Management and List Building Tools

Hi Southroad_Glass_Etching 

Thanks for posting. The contacts area of your account is a place for you to see everyone who is part of your contact lists now. You will be able to see their details, the lists they are on, their current engagement and more! You can also manage your lists form here--add people,remove people, move between lists and create new lists!

The sign up tools page has tons of easy ways for you to grow your contact list. You can get a sign up link to share on social media, your website or blog as well as sign up tools like text to join and the Join My Mailing List Facebook app. Check out this resource page for more on the sign up tools!


Hope this helps,

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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